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Manga comics have hit the entertainment industry with a big audience following behind. The manga comics are meant for both adults and children, thus widening the range of audiences who can read them. From the top manga sites, you can find a great variety of comics to read.

What Is Manga?

Best Manga sites

Manga is a comic book or graphic novel created in Japanese style of comic creation. Most of the characters of the manga comic books have Japanese names to preserve the identity of its origin.

Why Do You Need Manga?

Getting in touch with the manga comic world will fill you in on some few aspects of the characters if a show is released. A comic junkie needs to read the manga comics from the best manga sites before watching the TV shows for the comic.

It is however easy to find a manga comic that has a follow up TV show, but retiring from Dragon ball evolution to some other comic world with characters of similar nature will be of great help in detecting flaws or weakness in a certain character.

The Manga comics have a symbiotic relationship with the tv shows. You should therefore read a couple of comics before you decide to sit for a show or else the whole show will be weird and confusing since the comics usually have more background information on the characters.

From the top manga websites, you can get access to even the most valued manga comics like Doraemon and Dragonball.

So many shows have come alive thanks to the manga comics. These days, even games are being created using the characters from the Manga comic. If you take an example of the unrelated Pokémon Go game, you will find that all the characters had originated from the comic book.

The Manga comics are also great for passing time in your leisure. Unlike reading the non-graphical novels, the manga comics give you a visual picture of the scene being discussed.

You do not have to form your own mental picture of the super hero of the comic which will may give you problems the moment a show is released.

Since now you have a clear picture of how important a clear visual picture of the villains and heroes is, let’s check out the popular manga sites that you can visit for the best comic books and novels.

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Top 6 Free Manga Sites To Look Out For!-

1. Mangable.

Mangable is one of the most interesting free manga sites that you can visit for some great manga comics. Most of the popular manga comics are included on the listings of the site’s comic episodes.

The comics included in the site are free. You can therefore get access to thousands of releases that will take you an eternity to finish without paying a single cent.

The Mangable site also has a listing of the most preferred comics going down with descending order. To get access to the comics hot off the press, you need to sign up as a member.

Members of the Mangable site find is the best site to read manga comics due to the easy web interface that the site has.

The members can also bookmark their favorites for easier access to them when they are online on the site. Apart from this, the members also have a couple more reasons to stick with the site for some great comic action.

Even if you are not sure with the type of comic you want to start on, the site should help you with the selection by picking the “hot” ones in the list for analysis.

2. Mangapanda

Mangapanda is a lite version of the manga sites for the best comics. It is one of the best manga websites that has a couple of comics for armature readers of the comics.

Since the site is a lite version of the manga sites, it does not have as much scans as the bigger sites, but rather the best ones in all of them. You can therefore decide on reading each one of the categories given to find which comic is the most captivating for you.

This will not be possible with the larger top manga sites because the amount of manga scans in the comic surpasses what you can be able to browse through at a given time. You need to start with this site so that you will have an easier time using the other site.

Saying that the site is lite might lead you into thinking that it has only a few of the comics. The site however, contains thousands of manga scans for you to go through.

The only reason I refer to the site as lite is because it has lesser categories for you to go through, hence you cannot access most of the manga comics as easily as you would in a larger site.

3. Mangavolume

If you hate catalogue listings that do not have anything that you can use as a visual reference to see what is in store for you, then this is the best place to read manga comics.

The scans have been sorted by grid, each one with a cover photo that has one or more characters of the story. You can easily find your comic just by looking at the cover photo used in the main page.

The site has sorted the manga scans according to various aspects/ The first grid contains the comics that have the longest series of episodes. You should go for these ones if you have a taste for everlasting stories.

You can also check out the latest series that have not gone far so that you can pick up with the comics in no time.

4. MangaFox

MangaFox is also a site that you should enjoy visiting. It has more than just a few thousand manga comics for you to read. It is one of the free manga sites that has a large database of free graphical comics that are great for young and adult audience.

Most of the other sites keep their keep their stuff tucked away for registered members since they cannot air out all the content including the ones that are only meant for adults only.

This site however, has nothing to hide since the content for the scans that you would call ’X-rated’ is not erotic at all.

The website also has a mobile friendly version of itself that you can browse automatically as soon as a mobile browser is detected. You can switch to the web version if you need a bigger layout.

Another reason that you should consider this among the other top manga sites is the fact that it has a mobile app that you can download and use without the need of a browser.


The Kissmanga website has a wonderful layout and interface for you to use. It is the best manga reading site for the night time since it has a dark theme which contrasts the tests without much light being produced.

The UI of the site is also well organized. It has the HTML5 tabs that give the site a neat look. The overall loading period is also great.

Most of the top manga sites that use JavaScript for ads are usually unresponsive because of long scripts. For this site however, the loading time is minimal since there is not that much to load any way.

In the homepage, you can access a list of the latest manga and most popular manga comic scans. You no need not browse through thousands of categorized scans to get what you need.

You can also get links to the categories of comics they have. Let’s take for example, you need a comic that is full of humor and just spotted one labeled as comedy. You can click on that link and get taken to the comedy section.

6. BoxManga

Here is another one of the top manga sites that you cannot afford to skip. It is among the best manga websites that you can get a complete listing within a few seconds of loading.

How much more do you need from a comic site apart from responsiveness and great comics? This site just combined the two to give you the greatest experience when you are browsing through the content.

The site clearly shows the use of php coding and shrunk icons for better loading. The pages’ theme is also great as you can clearly see every detail printed out.

Though the site still loads with the basic web layout on mobile, a bit of zooming will make any content that is not clear more visible.

The homepage is simple and only contains the latest manga scans that have been submitted chronologically. Even a newbie should be able to browse through the site with no problems whatsoever.

If you are looking for a specific type of manga comic, the tabs on the top part of the page will prove to you that this is one of the top manga sites that is effectively organized and is perfect when you need to read manga online sites for a short time.

Now you have it. That’s the list for the Top Manga Sites…go ahead and have fun

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