Best Portable Urinal for Females – Women’s Portable Urinal Funnel.

Are you aware of the existence of portable urinal for females?

Well,…For a very long time now, the only thing that women couldn’t do better than men was to actually pee while standing up.

Well, this is no longer true with the invention of portable urinal for females that now make it possible for ladies to pee anywhere anytime while standing up.

Besides the fact that women no longer have to hold in urine because it’s uncomfortable and can damage the bladder, the risks of being bitten by insects, frostbite or being seen by a stranger are now eliminated.

The female urinal is designed like a female pee funnel with a firm plastic material and it can store or release urine to the other side depending on the make.

Buying Guide for the Best Portable Urinal for Females.

Best Female Urinals

Portable urinal for females comes in all shapes and sizes, some are unisex and some are designed to be used by invalids or disabled people.

With so many options in the market, how do you choose the best portable women’s urinating device for you?

Here are some factors to consider;

  • Wide Opening

It’s no secret that your pee can come out in different directions so it’s important that the opening be wide enough to cover the entire part so you don’t pee yourself.

Travel female urinals that come with a female adapter are especially helpful because they make positioning easy so you can pee comfortably and retain your dignity.

  • Urinal Lid

It is absolutely crucial that you buy a female portable urinal that comes with a lid. This is not just because of leaking because you can pee and pour out the urine immediately but also because of sealing in the smell. No one wants to smell that ammonia stench in their car or bad and a lid will help with this and prevent leaking.

  • Ease Of Use

Most times people use portable urinals while in very weird positions such as standing up, lying down or sitting and you are fully dressed.

The best female urinal device must be easy to slide through your zipper and position properly so the neck should be long.

  • Capacity

If you are a traveller, be sure to buy a women’s portable urinal that can store a lot of urine so you don’t have to keep pouring it out.

A bigger urinal enables you to pee two or three times so you won’t disrupt you’re travelling so much and it’s also great for kids.

  • Portability

Choose a urinal that is compact enough to fit in your purse, backpack or pockets. A women’s pee funnel that is big must be able to collapse nicely and become travel size so no one will know what you are carrying.

Best Portable Womens Urinating Device Reviewed.

1.  Universal Portable Urinal with Female Adapter.

If you are sick, disabled or somewhere you can’t access a bathroom fast enough, worry not because this Universal Portable Urinal will sort you out. Portable Urinal For Females


The urinal can be used by both male, female and kids and it has a female adapter to make it easy for you to pee while standing up or lying down.

This handheld urinal looks a lot like a jug and it has a very tight top to seal the urine inside and avoid any leaks.

It is made of very durable but smooth plastic to ensure you can use it for a long time as long as it’s well taken care of.

Universal Portable Urinal is extremely affordable and you can take it anywhere you go because it won’t leak.

Downsides: It’s too small so you can pee many times inside it.

2.  LaVie Portable Urinal with Female Adapter.

If you have ever been caught in between heavy traffic with kids who are screaming they want to pee, you definitely have one of these portable urinals.Female Urinal


You can use it in the car, when camping, on a wheel chair or even when lying on the bed if you are too sick and it’s good for both men and women.

This portable urinal has a wide woman pee funnel with a long neck so it’s designed for complicated positions.

The female adapter makes it easy for any lady to use it without peeing on themselves and it can hold a lot of urine.

This urinal also comes with a tight lid and it’s able to sit flat on the floor so spillages are a rare occurrence. The price is perfect and its compact enough to fit in a suit case.

Downsides: The long neck and compact design makes it hard to clean the inside but you can try vinegar and warm water.

3.  ZHIHU Travel Urinal For Women, Spill Proof & Reusable Lightweight Portable Travel Urination Device.

ZHIHU Travel Urinal for Women is made of a really soft material that will not be rough on your privates but you need to position it well and hold up so there will be no leaks.Female Urinal


The women’s urinal is very compact and you can just put it in your purse or backpack while going out or while camping.

This portable urinal for females comes with two packs of wet wipes so you can stay clean and dry after peeing and a small storage tube in case you are in the car.

The urinal is reusable so you can just wash it clean and continue using or you can dispose as often as you want because it’s cheap to buy.

If you are petrified of public toilets, this portable urinal can be used instead and you get to do it standing up like men.

Downsides: It’s very flimsy so you have to really hold it firmly to avoid leakage and peeing on your legs.

4.  Jobar International – P Ez Travel Urinal For Women.

If you are in a public toilet but you feel scared of squatting on it, this Jobar International – P Ez Travel women urinal will help you to pee safely while standing up.Female Pee Funnel


All you have to do is position it nicely and do your business without any risks or accidents.

This female travel urinal is made of soft flexible silicone so its gentle on your skin and you can position it any way you want.

It is discreet, spill proof and you can reuse it over and over as long as you take time to clean the urinal.

Jobar International – P Ez travel urinal is designed not to allow flow back so you can use it while standing, sitting or even lying down.

This portable urinal for females is affordable and easy to pack in your purse or backpack.

Downsides: The soft material collapses easily especially if you are wearing jeans so it’s easy to pee on yourself.

5.  Uriwell Unisex Personal Toilet Portable Urinal.

This Uriwell Unisex Portable Urinal is indeed a toilet on the go because you can take it anywhere and its able to hold up to 750cc of urine and 30cc on every coil.

 Portable Urinal For Females


The urinal is completely flexible because the plastic is able to bend easily so you can position it in any angle whether you are lying down, sitting or standing up.

Uriwell Unisex Personal Toilet portable urinal for females is easy to use since it comes with a female and male adapter ensuring accurate aim and comfort.

The urinal is completely spill proof and the flip top lid ensures that you can travel confidently without worrying that your pee will leak all over your car.

Keeping in mind that urine has a very strong smell, this portable urinal has an airtight seal to ensure no odor escapes. It’s also ultra-compact and collapses easily so you can put it in your purse or glove compartment.

Downsides: The material is very low quality for that price.

6.  Home-X Portable Urinal with Female Adapter.

If you are a regular traveller, camper or bedridden, this Home-X Portable Urinal with Female Adapter will come in handy when you need to relieve yourself easily.Female Urinal


It’s made from very heavy-duty plastic with an easy grip handle to ensure you are able to hold and position the urinal properly.

The entire design of this portable urinal for women aims at being convenient and discreet especially in public places.

Though it’s compact, this urinal can hold up to 27 ounces of urine without leaking or smelling thanks to the attached lid.

Home-X Portable female Urinal has a wide female adapter to ensure proper positioning and prevent leaking or peeing yourself. With this beautiful urinal, you will be able to travel comfortably and never hold your urine in again.

Downsides: The female adapter comes off easily if you don’t hold it well.

7.  Plastic Urinal Urine Potty Pot Bottle Bedpen.

Most people are petrified of public toilets or squatting in some bush because the risks are greater than the satisfaction of peeing.Portable Urinal For Females


This Plastic Urinal Urine Potty Pot Bottle Bedpen is highly portable and you can just pack it in your purse to use wherever you go.

The plastic women’s urinal has a big capacity of 800ml and it’s made of heavy-duty plastic to ensure durability. Since it’s wide and long, cleaning becomes very easy to avoid accumulation of bacteria and odor.

This woman urinal comes in both female and male versions although the female urinal doesn’t have a lid. The opening is wide enough so it’s hard to have any peeing accidents and it’s very easy to use and position.

Downsides: The absence of a lid in female urinal is a big issue.


The best portable urinal for females enables her to relieve herself discreetly and with ease.

However, it’s important to test the pee funnel for women in your bathroom before going out with it and also practice thorough hygiene to avoid bacteria infections and odor.

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