Most Comfortable Throw Blanket

I bet you know how nippy winter be and it just about that time. Besides gathering enough firewood and washing those heavy sweaters, the most comfortable throw blanket is the best thing you can buy to keep off the cold.

What Is A Throw Blanket?

best throw blanket ever

Unlike the heavy blankets used as bedding covers, a throw blanket is small and light enough so that you can literally put it over your shoulders to keep warm.

The most comfortable blanket is made of soft faux fur, wool or cotton so it feels good on your skin and it’s warm.

Why Do You Need A Throw Blanket?

The softest warmest blanket can be used to cover you during the cold weather or while lying on the couch in the evening.

The most comfortable throw blanket is also used to drape a couch or bed to add elegance, warmth and style.

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Buying Guide For The Most Comfortable Throw Blanket.

Buying the most comfortable throw blanket comes down to personal preference and of course the material used.

Here are some of the factors you should consider to get the most comfortable blanket ever.

  • Purpose:

The best throw blanket for you will be determined by what you plan to do with it. If you plan to be covering your couch or bed, it’s important to buy a bigger blanket that will cover a large area.

However, if you need a very soft blanket to throw over your shoulders when you are going out, it’s a good idea to buy a smaller one that will not be too bulky on you.

  • Weight

The best throw blankets should be lightweight but warm so you will not get tired of carrying it. Be sure to ask how much the blanket weighs before you buy or to lift it up and throw over your shoulders to feel how heavy it is.

  • Color

The best blankets are available in all sorts of colors so you have to choose a color that blends well with the room, furniture and general decor. The coziest blanket should also match your outfit if you want to remain fashionable.

  • Material

The best blankets are made of faux fur but due to personal preferences some people can decide to buy woolen or cotton blankets.

All these materials have their advantages and disadvantages such as price, source and texture so it’s up to the buyer to choose the one they are comfortable with.

The Best Throw Blankets In Market Today.

1. Chic Home Elana Shaggy Faux Fur Supersoft Ultra Plush Decorative Throw Blanket.

  • Chic Home Elana Shaggy blanket is the definition of beauty and elegance as no cost was spared in making it.

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  • The soft fur blanket can be used on your couch or car to add elegance and the shaggy fibers bounce back to their original form even after use or wash.
  • This 1piece throw blanket has an ultra-soft feel thanks to the 2 inch shaggy faux fur exterior and plush micro mink fabric on the inside.
  • Besides providing immeasurable beauty and elegance to a room, this Chic Home blanket also provides warmth and comfort to the user as well as the place.
  • It’s available in beige, teal, taupe, brown and white colors.
  • Chic Home Elana Shaggy blanket is extremely affordable but it should be machine washed with cold water on gentle cycle to prevent shedding and shrinking.


  • This blanket sheds a lot especially during wash.

2. Chanasya Super Soft Fuzzy Fur Sherpa Dark Gray Fur Throw Blanket.

  • If you love the way bull dogs feel or look, you will fall in love with this Chanasya Super Soft blanket that is designed for a luxurious feel and elegance.

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  • It is the best faux fur throw blanket in the world adorned with a classy design and different color variation and patterns to add class and beauty.
  • Chanasya’s comfiest blanket can be used to cover your bed, car seats or couch so they remain classy and spotless even when you have pets and kids.
  • It’s also a great way to keep warm while napping, watching movies or just sitting on the couch during winter.
  • This faux fur blanket is 65 by 50 inches so it’s a great cover for several people, couch or even a bed and it can be machine washed safely with cold water. The best thing is that it does not shed at all.


  • No complaints yet.

3. Ottomanson Bed Blankets, Bedspread, Plush Cotton Throw, Soft Cotton Cozy Blanket.

  • People who don’t necessarily love faux fur because of the texture and shedding will find this Ottomanson’s softest blanket very lovely as it is still as soft and warm.

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  • However, this blanket is made from a mixture of cotton, acrylic and polyester which means it’s more soft and durable.
  • Ottomanson Bed Blanket is 50 by 65 inches and its ideal for draping the sofa or bed to add some elegance or warmth when required.
  • It is a very long lasting blanket that comes in a variety of colors that don’t fade away over time.
  • This blanket is very lightweight but still warm which makes it ideal to be a throw blanket that you can go out with. It is available in several sizes and it has well secured boarders.


  • People who are allergic to polyester can find this blanket to be uncomfortable.

4. Sherpa Throw Blanket Navy Blue 50x 60 Reversible Fuzzy Microfibers All Season Blanket.

  • The Sherpa Throw Blanket is available in two sizes and many different colors depending on where you want to put it.

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  • It is the softest blanket in the world you can ever have suitable to cover your sofa or even as a bed spread to enhance elegance and protect the permanent cover from pets and fading.
  • However, what makes this softest throw blanket so unique is that it has a reversible design meaning you can use both sides.
  • Both the soft flannel face and the plush Sherpa reverse are soft and comfortable making it ideal for putting over your shoulders.
  • Sherpa Throw Blanket is very lightweight and the ends are decorated with a knit trim to make it look more elegant.
  • This most comfortable throw blanket is wrinkle and shrink resistant but you should only wash with cold water.
  • Sherpa Throw Blanket feels like pure wool and looks like two different blankets.


  • It is not big enough for a queen size bed.

5. Knitted Throw Blanket Trellis Pattern Grey 50×60 Lightweight Warm All Season By Bedsure.

  • If you want the perfect blanket to wrap yourself up when its cold, this knitted blanket from Bedsure is perfect for you.

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  • The blanket is made from ultra-soft acrylic fabric so it is very cozy and comfortable not to mention extremely lightweight.
  • Unlike most throw blankets that come in a single dull or white color, this Knitted blanket comes in a variety of chic patterns and colors to lighten up your outfit as well as any room.
  • This blanket is light enough to be used during summer and warm enough to serve you during winter. You will not feel its weight when you drape over your shoulders or cover your child with it.
  • Knitted Throw Blanket holds up well with regular use and the tight knit weave ensures it will not lose shape even after many washes.


  • This blanket is made of very delicate material so keep sharp things away from it.

6. Cotton Throw Blankets Breathable Thermal Bed/Sofa Blanket Couch Quit By Utopia Bedding.

  • This couch quit from Utopia Bedding is one of the few throw blankets made of pure ring spun cotton.

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  • The manufacturer has ensured that it is made with completely natural material so there are no chemicals or synthetic material that can affect anyone in the family.
  • This blanket however stands out from the rest because it is breathable so you will not feel suffocated while lying under it.
  • It is perfect as a couch or bed blanket but even better as a throw blanket for the user if you don’t want to get too hot.
  • This Cotton Throw Blanket is among the most comfortable throw blanket and it is beautiful to look at, if you want to add a touch of elegance everywhere you put it.
  • The cotton fabric ensures a super soft and comfortable feel while the self-binding edges ensure it never loses shape.
  • The blanket is available in different colors and sizes and it is easy to wash.


  • It’s not as soft as expected of cotton.

7. Best Home Fashion Faux Fur Throw – Full Blanket.

  • Best Home Fashion Faux Fur Throw is a dynamic piece of decoration to any chair or bed and it is warm enough to cuddle up with in a cold evening.
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  • The blanket is unique in its design and pattern because it looks exactly like a leopard or tiger which transforms the feel of any room.
  • This blanket is available in two very generous sizes with the big one being large enough to cover a big bed.
  • This most comfortable throw blanket provides luxurious comfort thanks to the thick and durable fabric that will keep you warm all night long.
  • Though this blanket feels very soft and plush, no animals were harmed during manufacturing because it’s not real fur. It is easy to take care of since all you have to do is dry clean.


  • It’s too heavy to be a shoulder blanket.


Finding the most comfortable throw blanket can make all the difference during cold and wet days. However, one must always ensure the blanket is clean and free of an odor so that you can fully enjoy the experience.


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