Best Minute to Win It Games for Teens of All Time!

If your party is getting lamer by the minute because of the unavailability of things to do for fun, you should try out the best minute to win it games for teens to spice up things before everybody leaves.
The minute to win it games are also great for the usual boring days at home. If you are with your sibling and the You want to kill the rivalry between you to by proving who holds the crown, I cannot think of a better way of doing so apart from some competitive minute to win it games for teens.

What Are Minute To Win It Games?

Best Minute to Win It Games for Teens of All Time

The minute to win it games are competitive challenges that people can do with common household items. The game is a multiplayer that has no maximum number of contestants, but a lower limit of two people.

The idea of the games originated from a TV show named ‘minute to win it’ and is aired in the US and India.

You can create a home based competition that complies with the same rules as the ones in the TV show. Since the start of the minute to win it games, many games have been invented.

Not all of the games are ideal for teenagers, hence the need to find the best minute to win it games for teens.

Why Are These Games Important?

The minute to win it games for kids and teens can be the safest way for children to pass time during leisure or parties.

The games can replace the adult game types for parties like beer pong. They are also perfect for teen birthday parties that require lots of fun that cannot be achieved without some competitive games.

The good thing with the minute to win it party games for teenagers is that they can be played with common household items like sodas and other types of food.

Anyone can play the minute to win it games since they have a low level of complexity that any child or teen would find easy to grasp.

Each type of game comes with its own set of rules, but the common one of them all is you have a minute to win it. This makes the game easier and more suitable for teens and kids.

The games can also be interesting for adults. If you have only one child at home, why not get in the fun and give your child an opponent to compete with? You can pick out a couple of child friendly games that you can play with your child without health threats.

Do you need minute to win it game ideas for kids and teens? Well, here is a minute to win it games list that both teens and kids can compete in without straining to compete:

Top 10 Minute to Win It Games for Teens.

1.       The chandelier

In this game you are supposed to arrange soda cans into a sort of inverted chandelier. It is much like the common card pyramid that you make, but inverted.

You will need around 5 plates and 15 soda cans (preferably empty cans for ease). You start by placing a plate on top of one can and placing more on top of the plate. This goes on as the number of cans piled increases.

The total number of layers should be 5 in the end, and all this goes under a minute. You can make things more interesting by using a timer to set records for the fastest person in the game.

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2.       Speed Eraser

This is another game in this list of minute to win it challenges that you cannot afford to leave behind your gaming schedule.

in the Speed eraser game, You will need a bunch of pencils and some cups with some gravity. The aim is to bounce the pencils off the table and into the cups.

The person who is going to manage to bounce off one pencil into the cup is the winner of this challenge. Because it is unlikely for someone to have a bunch of pencils readily available at home, a person can use even three of them and keep on picking them up until one finally goes in.

3.       Golf Balls Stack

In Golf Balls Stack Game, you need to stack three golf balls on top of each other vertically. Since all the golf balls possess almost the same size, you can try to balance them by the holes that form a rough surface.

It may seem like an impossible task because of the circular nature of the golf balls, but the golf balls have friction because of the small pits on it. You need to try to set them in a position that will create the highest resistance between all of the three balls; a challenge that will prove to be fun for all of you.

4.       Thread It Through

Tread It Through Game requires 10 needles, a thread and foam (you can use mattress). The idea is to level 10 needles on foam and pass a thread through their eyes.

This is one of the best minute to win it games for your child to play, but needs parental guidance if underage kids are the ones involved since you will be working with needles.

The person who gets the thread through all the needles first is the winner. If the thread has tiny strands that bar you from getting it through, you can make it wet by passing it through your lips.

5.       Balloon Cups

In this game, you will need to get 15 cups that will act as a bull eye. The cups are arranged into a pyramid which will be the prey of a stray balloon. You will try to knock over the pyramid of cups with just the blown balloon.

In Ballon Cups minute to win it list of challenges, this is the only game that anyone can play with the help of luck. Anyon

Anyone who feels like the lucky one in the room should definitely try this out at first.

6.       Rapid Fire

If you thought the balloon cups game was an amazing one, then this game should equal the fun. This game focuses on your ability to aim.

You need as many rubber bands as you can get and empty cans. You arrange the cans into a pyramid and aim them with the rubber bands.

One huge lump of rubber bands is enough for the game since you can always reuse them once you finish the bunch. This is therefore one of the most economical minute to win it games to play at home.

7.       Tipsy

In this game, you will just need as many canned sodas as possible. You need to drink from each of the cans and balance them on the bevel edge on a given time frame.

Sounds great huh? The drinking part is easy, but for the balancing part, you will need to step up your game to attain the maximum number of cans standing on the bevels.

The person who is going to have the biggest number of cans standing on the bevel is the winner. I don’t know about you but for me, this is one of the coolest minute to win it games for teens that has ever been invented.

8.       Nimble Thimble

In this game, you need marbles and an exact number of thimbles. You need to align the thimbles in a row so that all of them are in a straight line.

You now need to release the thimbles at a given height until they all fall onto the thimbles without falling off. If the height given is too easy for you, you can keep on changing the height at which the marbles will be dropped so as to get a harder task.

9.       Junk In The Trunk

I know every one’s response to the title of the game is like “what?”. This is not what you are thinking however. In this game, you need Ping-Pong balls and a box of low weight and size.

You place the ping pong balls into the box and attach it to your waist. You should then shake until all the ping pong balls fall out. Doesn’t that sound more than interesting?

You however need a sturdy box so that it doesn’t give in to the force as the vigorous shaking continues.

10.       Face the cookie

When you feel like the games have gotten tiresome, here is something that can give you some energy as you spend some. You are supposed to balance cookies on your face and eat them off without using your hands.

This is one of the most competitive minute to win it games for adults and kids that really needs lots of patience, speed and saliva (literally).

If kids are the ones playing the game, you either need to limit the time frame of each challenger to prevent them from eating too many cookies and later blame it on the “a minute to win it games”!.

All in all, it is still one of the best minute to win it games for teens and kids that you need to add to your list of challenges to make things spicier.

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