How Much Is A Cord Of Wood / Firewood? | Price Of Firewood.

With the different sources of wood and wood variants, there is no standard price for its sale and hence there is need to know the estimates on how much is a cord of wood going to cost you.

A large percentage of families are using firewood for various tasks, the main one being cooking. Firewood is also a common best seller in the winter when the fireplace keeps the chimney smoking and families warm.

The use of firewood is therefore popular in both the urban areas and the countryside. Studying the market on the average price of firewood may just save you from spending more money than you are supposed to because of the existence of rip off artists.

What Is A Cord Of Wood?

A cord of wood is a bundle of same sized wood,How Much Is A Cord Of Wood

which may be sold based on the size or weight. A common selling criterion is based on weight, but for some of the people selling on wholesale, the bulk is what determines the price of a cord of wood.

How Big Is A Cord Of Wood?

The market can be unfair sometimes. The size of a cord of wood varies from source to source and the type of wood being sold.

A cord of wood sold by a source at a specific price might be sold at a lower quantity by a different source with the same price.

A cord of wood is just a bundle of wood rounded up by a cord. There has not yet been a standard size for a cord of wood, but each supplier has a standard size set for him or her.

What a supplier sells here as a bundle of firewood in not what you are going to get from another supplier.

The size depends on the source of the supplier and other minor factors like transportation and type of wood. Here are just a few of the common qualities a clean cord of wood has;

  • A weight of around 2,500lbs: You can expect a weight ranging from 2,000-3,000lbs from a cord of wood, the cheapest ones that is. A more expensive type of wood can be sold at 5,000lbs per cord.
  • The dimensions of a cord of wood can be 8x4x4 feet. If you are buying a cord of wood that has been bundled up with no specific dimensions, expect the whole bundle to cover about 128 cubic feet.
  • It does not depend on how much wood is in a cord when you are purchasing it. Some wood can be split twice or thrice or just left the way it is. The major factors that can give it a qualification as a perfect cord of wood are the size and weight of the wood.

How Much Is A Cord Of Wood/Firewood ?

Let’s take a look at the factors that bring about the cord of wood price variants so that you may have a better idea of what to expect as the payment for one:

  • Type Of Wood:

The type of wood being sold greatly influences the price the cord of wood will be sold at. If you are going for wood like hardwood, you should expect a bigger expenditure than what you could have spent on softwood.

As you know, hardwood is much better in everything than softwood. You may think of buying softwood since they are of the same size, but the hardwood will last longer. The only advantage that the softwood has over hardwood is the low price it is sold at.

  • Location Of Source:

Wood is sold much cheaper in the countryside than in urbanized towns. The source of wood is much closer to the place where it is being sold, hence either the cord of wood size will be much bigger or the price will be much lower.

To avoid any unnecessary taxes from the sellers, it is advisable to shorten the market chain before you pop the question on how much is a cord of wood going to cost you.  You must however go to fetch the wood in bulk so that the trip will be the only one for a long time.

How much does a cord of wood cost in the rural areas? I can’t say now for sure, but you should expect the fairest prices from the countryside suppliers, at least those near a tree plantation or lumbering areas.

Hardwood sells at prices ranging from $300-$500, depending on your plans on where to buy a cord of wood from. In half moon bay, you can get the oak wood at around $415 and $650 in Arvada.

You can get a mixture of the hardwood at a price of $250 in Philadelphia. You can also go for the much expensive Hickory hardwood sold at $800 in Arvada.

Soft wood can be bought from around $200-500. The cheapest place to get the softwood includes Bend where you get both fir/ Douglas blend and Red fir at $225.

Arvada remains to be the state selling expensive wood. You can get pine wood at $400 there while the same wood is sold at $267 in $260 in Milwaukee.

Not all these values represent the firewood price per cord hence you can buy at the place where transportation costs will affect the total expense by much.

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Cords Of Wood For Sale Buying Guide.

I could not let you go off into the world of lumber without letting you know of what you need to be studying there. Here are some few things you should be keen on when you are out looking for the fairest price for some good wood:

  • Location:

If you are situated in the urban areas and are in need of much firewood, it may be cheaper for you to travel a distance away from the town to find good prices.

The cords of wood in the town centers are either highly priced or have a lesser bulk. The bulk of the wood is reduced to cover for the transportation costs and hoarding.

If you are situated in the regions where subzero is the room temperature, then you may want to buy wood a bit far from that place. Wood in areas like these is much expensive as compared to other regions.

There is also no point of going to a faraway place to get firewood. You may buy the wood there at a cheap price, but the cost of transporting it will raise the total cost to an unbelievable level.

  • Season:

It may be a good idea to get much firewood in the spring and summer seasons. People buy much wood in the winter that the stocks run dry, and the remaining firewood will be sold like precious gold.

I know to some places; it is forever winter. This however doesn’t mean that the prices will not be affected there too.

Wood in Greenland can be sold according to the seasonal changes when the wood is imported from places where suppliers do not give a hoot on how much is a cord of wood going to be sold where it is being taken.

  • Type of wood:

If you are looking for a stock that you are going to be using for a great deal of time, then hardwood is the perfect choice for you. You can buy a 5,000-ton cord of wood, which will last almost twice the time it takes for some types of softwood of the same bulk to burn out.

If you are trying to keep the winter expenditure low, then you should definitely go for the softwood. Softwood is very cheap and can be bought in great bulks. The idea is to go for the ones that burn out perfectly contain no scents.

Some softwood contains some other elements that cause them to produce thick fumes that have strong scents. Even if the chimney delivers the smoke out, the scent sticks in, leaving a burnt smell all over the room.

  • Use Of the Firewood:

How much is a cord of oak wood in your local place? I bet that if you bought a cheaper type of wood in for camping and used the dried oak for home cooking and heating, you would have saved lots of cash.

When you are going out for camping, or running a camping site, providing a much cheaper wood for heating will save a great deal of money.

Campers know how to keep the fire burning and hence will not be affected by the high burn out rate. The other types of wood (hardwood) are perfect for homes. They do not burn out the same way as the cheap ones do, hence you can plan how much wood can be used in a day without losses.

How to Store Firewood.

You would not want wet wood in the winter. Wood that is not cared for well can lead to huge losses and chilly winters.

You can set up a structure that will keep the wood in the same state as you bought it. The structure does not have to be anything fancy. In fact, if you have a spacious barn that has a space that is enough for more than one cord of wood, then you can use it.

You however need to keep the wood away from barn animals and birds. The fecal matter can make the wood burn with much smoke and odors.

You should also place the wood on a raised platform. The cheapest way to do this is by placing two parallel logs below the firewood. This will prevent termites from ruining the wood with earth.

Wood like this does not burn well and might sometimes not burn at all. The earth puts out the fire wherever its burning.

You can also add some oil on the lower logs supporting the firewood to keep termites away. You can leave these logs to be used as pillars for structures later when the firewood has run out.

Try by all means to keep the termites away. How much is a cord of wood going to cost after the pests munch on the good parts and insulate the rest? Nothing and you would not want that.

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