Booster Seat Vs High Chair: The Best for Toddler at the Table.

When your baby is old enough to sit and start weaning, you will find yourself wondering which is better between a booster seat vs high chair to use at the table.

Booster seat vs high chairBooster seats and high chairs perform the same function of helping to bring your child at the same level with the rest of the family members at the dining table during meals.

They also help to encourage eye contact between the child, siblings and the parents and thereby create a sense of togetherness.

However, the two also differ on a number of aspects, which we shall look at in this article. In addition, we shall discuss the benefits of using a booster seat over a high chair and vice versa so as to help you make an informed purchase decision.

But first, let’s understand what is meant by a booster seat and a high chair.

What is the difference a booster seat for table and a high chair?

A booster seat for table is simply a seat that is attached to a normal chair to help bring your child to the same level with the dining table during meals. In addition, it has a safety harness to ensure your child is safe when seating on an adult chair. Some booster seats come with a tray that can be fixed to ease feeding.

A high chair on the other hand is a tall chair that has long legs, a back rest and a fitted tray that acts as a table when feeding the baby. It also has a safety harness to secure the baby in an upright position and to prevent falls at meal time.

A high chair can also be used at the dining table to bring your baby to the same level with the table. The tray can be removed so that the baby feeds from the dining table and enjoy being close to the rest of the family members.

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Boost seat vs high chair, which one should you get?

As earlier noted, both have benefits and drawbacks. Let’s start with the benefits.

Benefits of getting a booster seat over a high chair

  • Best for small spaces and apartments.

When you do not have enough room for a standalone high chair, a booster seat comes in handy because it does not take up a lot of space.

In addition, its small size makes it is easy to store or put away when not in use.

  • Portable

Booster seats are simple and light in weight. Thus, you can easily bring them along for a day out so that your baby can use it in a restaurant or at her grandparents place. A high chair on the other hand would be too cumbersome to carry.

  • Easy to clean

Majority of booster seats for table are made of plastic. Plastic can be cleaned easily by simply wiping off the food stains with a damp cloth.

If your child has created a lot of mess on the seat (happens all the time), you can simply wash it down in the bathroom and dry it.

  • Inclusivity

Booster seats create a sense of inclusivity in children since they get to sit on a dining chair just like the rest of the family members.

Benefits Of Getting A High Chair Over A Booster Seat

  • Adjustable

The good thing about high chairs is that you can adjust them to an appropriate height as your child grows.

A good example of an adjustable high chair is the Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair. This is one of the few chairs that can be used from birth all the way to adulthood thanks to its adjustable height options.

It comes with a newborn set that is fixed on to the seat and the baby can be placed on it as the mother is dining. When the baby outgrows the newborn set, you simply remove it and continue using the high chair.

Booster seats on the other hand are not adjustable.

  • Variety of materials

High chairs are not always made of plastic like the booster seats. There are wooden chairs available, which are very compact, easy to clean and are eco-friendly. You can also find metallic high chairs although they are not as common as plastic chairs with metal legs.

  • Comfort

As your baby grows taller, he or she will need a footrest to prop their feet up rather than dangling as they do with booster seats. Thus, a high chair offers more comfort especially for taller kids.

Drawbacks of a booster seat

  • Wooden option unavailable

As earlier stated, booster seats are made of plastic and there are no wooden ones available. If you do not like the idea of using plastic in your home, you have no option.

  • Less sturdy

If you have a shaky dining chair, the booster seat may be less sturdy and pose a risk to your child.

Drawbacks of a high chair

  • Expensive

High chairs are more expensive than booster seats. This could be due to the fact that they have extra accessories like a tray, foot rest, and back rest.

  • Not portable

Some high chairs come fixed in that you cannot disassemble them. For this reason, storage becomes difficult especially for homes with limited space. In addition, you cannot carry them along with traveling because they may not fit in the trunk of your car.

  • Take up more space

You will need to have an extra space at the dining table for the high chair. But with a booster seat, you only need to fix it on one of the dining chairs; hence, no extra space required.

  • More parts to clean

A high chair has more parts to clean in case a mess is created compared to a booster seat.


Booster seat vs high chair, whichever you choose, make sure it offers comfort and safety to your child during mealtime. Some booster seats are designed for babies as young as 6 months while others are meant for older kids over 1 year. This also applies to high chairs. Therefore, choose what you feel will work best for you and your child.

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