Best Wet Tile Saw For The Money

Having the perfect best wet tile saw in your workshop is a dream for every tile guy out there..

Manually shaping tiles into perfectly cut sizes may be an impossible task to perform without lots and lots of wastage.

To top it all off, you cannot finish a couple of stacks without tiring off.

With the best wet tile saw for the money however, you can finish dozens of stacks without breaking a sweat.

What is a Tile Saw?

Best Tile Cutting Saw

A tile saw is a machine that you can use to cut tiles with high precision and speed. The tile saw cuts off a thin line to minimize wastage.

The blade also rotates at a high speed that the chances of the tile breaking when cut are rare.

Why Do You Need The Best Tile Wet Saw ?

If you have ever tried to cut a tile with the common cutting tools, you should have noticed how much waste they produce.

The common cutting machines cannot cut the tiles without breaking them off at the edges. With the however, you can cut them without a single breakage.

The best wet saw for tile cutting can also save you lots of time that you would have used while trying to measure accurate lengths of the tiles each time you cut one.

The measurement of the tiles cut remains constant until you manually change the size, hence you can cut the tiles faster.

The overall outlook of the tiles cut by the best wet saw tile cutter is very neat as compared to the ones made by other tools.

Since the blade on a wet tile saw is thin and moves fast, none of the surrounding particles are affected by the rotation, giving a fine look in the end.

Buying Guide For The Best Wet Tile Saw For The Money.

Buying the best tile cutting saw should not give you a migraine. Here are some few things to consider as you try to find the perfect tile saw for your workshop:

  • Size variations:

The larger the range of sizes that can be made, the better the tile saw.

The best wet saw for you to buy should therefore be capable of supporting the largest possible tile size.

  • Beveling capability:

The tile cuts look awesome with the inclusion of bevels that some of the best wet tile saws have.

Beveling the wet tiles also helps make the fitting of the tiles easier if the design that the tiles have needs cement spacing.

Some wet tile saws also give you the ability to make the bevels opposite to each other so that designs that require the least spacing possible will be managed perfectly.

The opposite bevels allow you to place a tile on top of another without raising the level at which the tiles are set.

  • Portability:

This may not be a major factor that you should be focusing on, but people with mobile workshop need something that can be transported from one place to another without the need of using any more machinery for transportation.

The best tile saw need not be of super low weight, but rather a portable construction that can be split in case the weight the machine possessed surpasses what one can handle in an instance.

  • The Blade:

The blade of a wet tile saw is one of the important parts of a wet tile saw that you cannot ignore.

The best professional tile saw should have the best tile saw blade ever made so that you can have high efficiency and accuracy when you are using the machine.

Some machines support blades manufactured by top blade manufacturers so that you may replace the blade packed with a more superior brand.

You can decide to go for these ones if you need a tile saw that has a better mode of operation that the ones with the great blades.

  • Replaceable Parts:

A great machine should have replaceable parts like the blade and handle if included.

These parts get worn out pretty faster than all the other parts of the machine, hence a replacement will be needed in a few months.

I guess that should give you a head start in your quest for the best portable tile saw.

Here are the best tile saws that you can choose from to save yourself some time and a migraine

1. DEWALT D24000 1.5-Horsepower 10-Inch Wet Tile Saw.

The Dewalt tile saw is an amazing tile saw with a compact construction that you should appreciate once you get to use it.


Best Wet Tile Saw For The Money


Features To Consider:

  • It is fitted with a rubber top that assists in stabilizing the tiles being cut. The rubber top creates a tight grip that prevents the materials from sliding off as the tile cutting process commences.
  • The compact size that the machine has makes it a highly portable asset for you to have in your mobile workshop.
  • Together with the compact size that the tile saw has, the machine’s 69-pound weight makes it the best tile saw for the money for your mobile workshop.
  • The DEWALT wet tile saw can also cut tiles within a great range of sizes. It can cut tiles with sizes of up to 26” inches through. The machine can also make diagonal cuts of up to eighteen and three eighths inches.
  • The machine also has a dual water nozzle that sprays water from both sides of the blade. The nozzles have optimal positioning to use the water efficiently without creating a mess.

2. SKIL 3550-02 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw.

The SKIL wet tile saw is also another stylish wet tile saw that you should have a look at.

Best wet saw


Features To Consider:

  • A hydro lock water containment system is fitted onto the machine to keep water around the area that is being cut. In this way, you will have a much cleaner outlook of the tiles. You will also save lots of time that you would have used in cleaning the tiles.
  • The SKIL tile saw can support tiles of up to 18”x18”. A sliding side extension is what makes this possible without consuming much space. This is therefore the best wet tile saw for the money that you should buy when you need a compact machine.
  • `The machine is also highly portable. It has a weight of 24 pounds that makes it ideal for use anywhere. This is the best tile saw under $300 that has the lowest weight yet a great efficiency when cutting the tiles.
  • An aluminum table top is also included in the machine’s features. Aluminum is used as it has a low weight and is also resilient to oxidation. This makes the table highly durable and hence makes the machine the best wet tile saw for the money.
  • The machine can also make bevel cuts of 0, 22.5 and 45 degrees. You can therefore make bevel cuts with different inclinations in order for you to have a diversity in design.

3. Bosch TC10 10-Inch Wet Tile and Stone Saw.

The Bosch wet tile saw is a heavy duty saw that gives you more features than you could ever imagine.Best Wet Saw Tile Cutter


Features To Consider:

  • Instead of just giving you the option of cutting wet tiles only, the Bosch wet tile saw also allows you to make cuts through thicker materials like stone. This makes it possible for you to work with a great range of materials, making it perfect for professionals.
  • The table fitted on the machine is large enough for large materials to fit in. You can therefore work with bigger materials when cutting them into smaller pieces.
  • The base and frame of the Bosch tile saw is made of aluminum. The aluminum construction increases the durability of the machine to an outstanding level.
  • The sliding table is also rubberized on its whole surface area. The rubber prevents the materials from changing position once the blades start to spin.
  • The machine has a 1.4HP motor that operates at a speed of 4200 RPM. This makes it perfect for cutting porcelain and stone.

4. 2.5 Horsepower 10″ Industrial Tile/Brick Saw.

If you need more power and speed, then the horsepower brick saw should be your best choice.


Features To Consider:

  • The tile saw has an oversized steel frame that lets you work with materials of large sizes without having halfway cuts. This property enables you to work with bricks and thick porcelain tiles.
  • The tile saw also has a dual power electric motor that gives the machine more power than what the rest of the tile saws can offer. This makes it easier for you to work on much more tiles and hence is the best wet tile saw for a company that is expecting a great economies of scale.
  • The motor has a thermal overload protection system that keeps it from overheating. In this way, you can cut as many tiles as possible without worrying about the machine dying out.
  • The machine gives you two bevel options; 22.5 and 45 degree angular cuts.
  • It also has an adjustable cutting head that lets you change the level according to the size of the material being cut. You can cut materials that are up to 3 inches thick, making it a great tool for a company to have.
  • The horsepower brick and tile saw has the ability to cut through 24 inches of material.This allows you to cut the largest tiles and bricks, hence it is all you need for any design you have in mind.


The big question on what is the best tile saw on the market should be answered by the four tile saws listed above.

They have received some great reviews over the years and each review speaks highly of how each one of them has superior quality and is the best wet tile saw for the money.

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