Best Vinyl Cutter For The Money

best vinyl cutter for the money revealed!

Thanks to vinyl cutters, you no longer have to print on the common paper sizes that need to be glued together afterwards.

With the best vinyl cutter for the money can cut out vector lines on vinyl to create solid shapes.

What is a vinyl cutter?Best Vinyl Cutter For The Money

A vinyl cutter is a printer-like machine that has a movable unit that has a blade instead of an ink cartridge. The blade is super sharp and can cut vinyl sheets into any desired solid shape.

The cutter does not work like the printer though. It can only print out a design that is made of vector lines prepared by software that can create vector shapes like Adobe Illustrator.

You can get a personal vinyl cutting machine for home businesses if you want to start at small scale level.

A vinyl cutter cannot produce a design with gradient color nor can it produce anything that is multicolored unless you find a way to print the cutouts afterwards.

You can however make multicolored designs by layering the printouts. You can layer the printouts without the use of the machine since printing an S with the best value vinyl cutter five times with different colors will give you a multicolor design.

Types Of Vinyl Cutting Machines In The Market.

The vinyl cutting machines are classified as follows;

1. Compact Vinyl Cutters:

The compact vinyl cutters are the small-scale cutters that you can use at home or in a start-up business. The speed of these machines is relatively low as compared to the other types of vinyl cutters.

They are however the best for economical use. Just as the way printer maintenance is cheaper for the smaller types, these vinyl cutters are not hard to manage.

 A compact vinyl cutter can also be bought at a relatively cheaper price. This is why they have gotten so many positive reviews in the vinyl cutting machine reviews.

A personal vinyl cutter is perfect for use in a place that has no rush for the letterings daily. You can manage to produce hundreds of designs daily without unnecessary checkups.

2. High-End Vinyl Cutters:

The high-end vinyl cutters are the best options for companies that have more than just a few letterings to produce.

High-end vinyl cutters work better than any of the smaller ones due to their more features.

A company producing large amounts of letterings daily will not have any problems with the machine as long as it is being fed the appropriate raw material.

Billboards and other big designs can be made with the vinyl cutter.

The high-end vinyl cutters are not appropriate for home use since you may end up spending more than what you get in return.

You can always start up with the cheaper compact vinyl cutter machine and move on to these as the business grows into a profitable venture.

Buying Guide For The Best Vinyl Cutter For The Money.

Not all the home business vinyl cutters can serve you the same. Here are some of the few things that you can study in order for you to get the best vinyl cutter for the money:

  • Work Output Required:

Sometimes, even the best vinyl cutting machine that are used at home need to kick up the production rate. You therefore need to choose a vinyl cutter that can produce more than the exact value of letterings per day.

You should however avoid getting the machines that can make the whole process much costly starting from the purchase. If it is a small business, you should stick with the compact vinyl cutters instead of the industrial ones.

  • Ease of use:

Everybody hates the machines that are written in alien language and has ambiguities in the control panel that you cannot decipher unless you are reading a thousand pages of the manuals.

You should seek a vinyl cutter that is easy to use so that you will not end up cursing the whole day. There are lots of vinyl cutting machined that have complex structures and features. You can buy these ones, as long as everything is disambiguated to simplify its use.

  • Efficiency And Speed:

Here, it does not matter what the machine possesses, but the speed that it possesses. The machine should be able to work with 100+% efficiency in its class. The speed should also be equal to or more than what the best ones in its class can produce.

A machine with too many features but a low output might be troublesome as the business expands. You need to ensure that the machine can cope with changes in work output.

You should also remember not to focus on the speed too much. A machine can have a high speed but low efficiency or high maintenance cost.

  • Maintenance:

The spare parts of the machine should be easily accessible. The best vinyl cutter for small business or large companies needs to have all replaceable parts accessible for purchase.

You will otherwise be forced to throw away the machine ones you discover that there is nothing to replace the broken or worn out parts.

Some of the manufacturers package some of the spare parts of the vinyl cutters together with it for free.

This can be of great help to you since you will not incur any more costs after one part fails. This is however not a requirement for the best ones.

  • Compatibility:

This is a key feature of the vinyl cutters that you should not forego. If you take a look at the vinyl cutter machine reviews, you will find many people complaining about software compatibility issues.

Trust me, you do not want to face any driver or software issues once you buy the machine since it will not be a flaw for warranty if it is working perfectly on another PC.

The common error that arises is when a person inserts a windows compatible software disk into a mac PC that is not compatible. you should check the software compatibility note on the packaging or manufacturer’s site.

Sounds like a tough task to do? Well, let me simplify your work further by giving you a list of the best ones so that you can find your own personal vinyl cutter:

1. Silhouette Cameo Electronic Cutting Machine Vinyl Starter Kit Bundle.

The Silhouette cameo vinyl cutter is the best vinyl cutter under $300 for you to buy for a startup business.Best Vinyl Cutter For The MoneyCHECK CURRENT PRICE.

  • The machine has a slim design that even outmatches the printers.
  • It is among the newest models of the Silhouette cameo line, which means that you should be expecting the latest and improved features from it.
  • With the machine, you also get a kit to help you start up. The kit is worth almost $40.
  • This will be like out of all the money you spend, you will be getting a discount of the $40 which you would have spent on the kit later.
  • A cutting blade and vinyl trimmer are also packed together with the kit. The moment you buy the kit; you should be able to work in no time.
  • The control panel of the machine is a digital touch screen. The display is clear and hence you will not have problems with it.
  • You will also be getting free downloads worth $25 and a one-month free membership to the company’s download store.

2. USCutter 28-inch Vinyl Cutter Plotter.

Packed with the USCutter vinyl cutter is a software that makes working with the vinyl cutter a piece of cake.



  • Although the machine does not have a starter kit, the features it has are more valued than what you can get for free.
  • If you have been wondering what is the best vinyl cutter to go for if you have a medium size business, then this should be a break for you.
  • The 28-inch vinyl cutter can handle a great workload and also more types of materials.
  • Yes! The thickness of a material does not make the machine incapable of working well. It aha a pair of pinch rollers which are adjustable to cater to more sizes of the materials.
  • You can also work faster with the machine due to the ball bearing dual roller system installed. This allows you to place materials on the rollers instead of through each time so that you can make the whole system worth it.
  • The machine uses Roland compatible blade holders. This therefore ensures that you can use the cheapest blades that can be found easily on your machine.

3. Vinyl Cutter USCutter MH 34in BUNDLE.

This USCutter model has two fully adjustable pinch rollers that allow you to use materials with various thicknesses without issues.

personal vinyl cutter CHECK CURRENT PRICE.

  • This is the best home vinyl cutter for anyone to use and comes with a kit to help you get started.
  • The kit includes the essentials that you need; vinyl rolls, transfer tapes, magnetic blanks, a knife and a squeegee.
  • You also get lifetime phone support so that you can as for help anytime the USCutter machine starts misbehaving during work.
  • A Ronald blade holder is fitted into the machine. The holder can support some of the most economical blades in the market, which are also easy to get. This makes the USCutter machine the best budget vinyl cutter in its class.
  • A stand is also included to give you more space for work. Even with the stand, the cutter’s stability stays at its peak. It will never topple over when you are using it as it only weighs 57 pounds.

4. Silhouette Cameo Electronic Cutting Tool.

This is the type of machine to go for when you want to Buy Cheap Best Vinyl Cutter in the market.

personal vinyl cutter CHECK  CURRENT PRICE.



  • Once you buy the machine, you will get access to a great database of amazing designs in their store.
  • You can use the designs as templates for your own designs or just use them directly since they are perfect the way they are.
  • It is also one of the lightest machines you can get off the market. It only weighs 9.8 pounds, making it perfect for tasks that need you to move to the place the machine is needed.
  • The silhouette cameo machine can make intricate cuts with high precision in order to give you the best output of them all.
  • The machine can also cut 12-inch wide materials that extend down to 10 feet long. This makes it perfect for use on banners and similar items.
  • If you are not much into vinyl cutting, you can also work with fabric for banners. You can also use it on smaller designs for scrap books and similar items.

5.Silhouette Portrait.

The silhouette portrait vinyl cutter works with more materials than just vinyl.

Best Vinyl Cutter For The MoneyCHECK CURRENT PRICE.


  • You can work with cardstock, fabric, heat transfer materials, transparencies, paper, vellum, adhesive vinyland magnetic paper.
  • This gives you flexibility in your work as you can create more than one line of products at work.
  • The silhouette portrait machine is the perfect vinyl cutter under $200 for you to use at home. This is one of the cheapest price that you can get for the best vinyl cutter for the money.
  • A software to make the operations of the machine simpler is also included. The silhouette portrait software is compatible with both windows and mac operating systems.
  • You also get a free $10 download card. You can use the card to download items from the company’s online store.
  • To make things more interesting, 50 exclusive designs are added to the list of things in the package. This means that the designs are exclusively from the silhouette company and have a unique touch that you cannot find anywhere else.
  • The machine is also portable; a feature that everybody is dying for. It only weighs a stunning 8 pounds and has the design that outmatches most of the competition in the industry.


Whether you are planning to work with fabric or vinyl, these machines should be able to get you through your task without problems. You should be able to find the best vinyl cutter for the money that suits you once you are through with the article.

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