Best Vinyl Cutter For The Money.

If you are in the sign production, display or branding business, finding the best vinyl cutter for the money should be a priority.

Having a vinyl cutter not only ensures you deliver orders on time but they also help small firms save on labor cost as well as save time.

Best vinyl machine

The best vinyl cutters are now available in the market in all shapes and sizes and at very affordable prices.

It is very advisable to invest in one of these self-adhesive machines as they will increase your productivity and make your work look more professionally done.

Buying Guide For The Best Vinyl Cutter for the Money

If you want to produce professional work more efficiently, it’s very important to get a good personal vinyl cutting machine.

Depending on what you need the vinyl cutter for; here is a guide to help you get the best vinyl cutter for the money;

  • Size Of Your Company

Big companies require a huge cutting machine because they need a lot of output every day. However, if you are a small company or a hobbyist delving in design and branding, the best entry level vinyl cutter will suffice as you grow your business.

Small companies also don’t have space to put large machines so they are better off buying small vinyl machines.

  • Purpose

Apart from vinyl cutting, some companies deal with fabric, cardboards, carton and all sorts of different materials.

It’s very important to determine what you will be cutting with the vinyl cutter but the best vinyl cutter machine is one that is versatile enough to cut through several materials.

Commercial vinyl cutters are able to cut large designs and handle multiple complex jobs very efficiently but they are also large and more expensive.

  • Features

Today vinyl cutters are coming with all sorts of amazing features that will make cutting and designing more fun and much easier.

The best vinyl cutter for the money should have wireless capabilities, automatic settings and have software that will support the designer.

  • Brand

As with everything else, buying a vinyl machine from a reputable brand comes with some advantages such as lifetime support, warranty, repairs and software.

Machines from big brands may be more costly that others but you are guaranteed that you have bought good quality and you get value for your money.

  • Ease of Use

Nobody likes complicated things and that applies also to operating and assembling vinyl machines.

The best vinyl cutter for t-shirts should have an easy to understand manual for assembly and use so that you will enjoy working with the machine.

Best Vinyl Cutting Machine.

1.  Vinyl Cutter USCutter MH 34in BUNDLE

This Vinyl Cutter USCutter MH 34in BUNDLE is the best vinyl cutting machine if you have a small business or a serious branding vinyl cutting machine


This machine features two adjustable pinch rollers and Roland compatible blade holder which means you can use any blade in the market.


  • Vinyl Cutter USCutter MH 34in BUNDLE is extremely affordable considering its capabilities and size.
  • It’s a good middle ground between commercial and personal machine as it can cut anywhere from 0.5 to 31 inches wide and 8 feet long.
  • This is a fantastic machine for beginners as it’s easy to put together and you will learn a lot about vinyl cutting from this machine.
  • The machine comes with easy to use software and designs and it can cut a wide range of materials.


  • Vinyl Cutter USCutter MH 34in BUNDLE has no laser so it can’t cut intricate designs.

2.      Silhouette Portrait.

If you have a small budget for the vinyl machine for shirts, this Silhouette Portrait should be your first machine.Best Vinyl Cutter For The Money |Best Vinyl Cutting Machine


It is a rather small unit that has the ability to cut more than 10 types of materials so you can practice well before getting to vinyl cutting.


  • Silhouette Portrait comes with 50 designs that you can try out if you are new but you can also create your own designs.
  • It is incredibly small so it’s suitable for home and small offices where space is a problem.
  • Comes with free Mac and PC compatible software.
  • The machine comes with preset templates so it’s ready to use directly from the shop.


  • This machine is too small so you can cut big pieces and it’s not durable at all.

3.      Silhouette CAMEO 3 Bluetooth Creative Bundle.

Silhouette CAMEO 3 is one of the best vinyl machines available in the market right now because it offers quality and affordability.personal vinyl cutting machine


This machine features auto-blade settings and a dual carriage so you can cut and write in one step hence saving time.


  • It is very affordable considering its value and performance not to mention the roller locking mechanism.
  • It’s a small machine that will save on space but it can cut materials up to 12 inches wide and 10 feet long.
  • This machine also features Silhouette Studio software with 100 exclusive designs and an entire support system if you ever need it.
  • The touch screen is easy to use and you can sketch your designs first before cutting.


  • The vinyl kit is not the best quality.

4.   Cricut Explore Air Wireless Cutting Machine

Cricut Explore Air is a fantastic vinyl cutting machine for beginners as it comes with a wide array of accessories such as tweezers, spatula, scraper and weeder to make work easier.vinyl machine for shirts


The vinyl cutting machine also features wireless BLUETOOTH capabilities and automatic settings which is very convenient for beginners.


  • Considering the quality and performance of this Cricut Explore Air, the price is quite low and worth every penny.
  • This machine is able to cut through more than 50 materials and it has a deep cut blade and housing that enables it to cut through thick materials.
  • It has dual clamps that allow you to draw, cut and score your designs a very fast speed.
  • The long-lasting carbide blade ensures you don’t have to keep replacing blades.


The software does not allow you to create custom designs and shapes.

5.   USCutter 28-inch Vinyl Cutter Plotter with Stand.

USCutter 28-inch Vinyl Cutter Plotter is among of the best vinyl cutter for t-shirts because it can work with many materials including cloth. best entry level vinyl cutter


This machine has a Roland compatible blade holder so you will not be spending too much money on replacing blades.


  • USCutter 28-inch Vinyl Cutter Plotter allows you to place the material on top of the roller instead of through it so you are able to cut much easily.
  • It comes with a Sure Cuts A Lot Pro designs and Cut software that is very easy to use so you can get started in this business.
  • The pinch rollers are flexible so you can adjust and customize your designs to perfection.
  • The superior ball-bearing dual roller media system ensures work is done more efficiently.


  • Setting up this machine is a bit complicated.

6.      Cricut Explore Electronic Cutting Machine.

Cricut Explore Air Wireless Cutting Machine is the best vinyl cutter for tshirts because it is versatile and can cut up to 60 types of materials one of them being cloth.

best entry level vinyl cutter


This electronic vinyl cutter will help you get started with free images and projects worth 100 dollars from the free for life software but it also allows you to design your own projects if you want.


  • This machine allows you to cut and write or score at the same time so you save your time and energy.
  • It works with all circuit cartilages and has very smart precision cutting.
  • This machine cuts two times as fast as other machines and it has BLUETOOTH connectivity for wireless cutting.
  • The LCD touch panel makes it easy to use and you don’t need to connect to your computer.


The free software is web-based so you must be online to access the projects.

7.      Silhouette Cameo + Vinyl, Tool Kit, Pix Scan Mat.

One of the best things about Silhouette cutting machines is that you get a whole month of free downloads from the Silhouette store and a lifetime of support from other designers and professionals.


This newest model from the famous line of machines is gaining fast popularity and it comes with easy to use software and templates.


  • Silhouette Cameo is one of the smallest and lightest vinyl cutting machines in the market so it’s easy to store and transport.
  • The machine provides very precise cutting at a very fast rate so it’s efficient.
  • The unit comes packed with a variety of accessories such as 4 sketch pens, 2 cutting blades, 2 cutting mats, instruction CD, wall plug and USB cord as well as a pick me up pen to make your designing more interesting.
  • This machine can cut through many types of materials and comes with over 50designs you can cut.


  • The blade could be of better quality.


The best vinyl cutter for the money will go a long way in ensuring you cut and design professional pieces faster and easily. However, it can replace natural talent and skill so one must work towards personal knowledge before using the vinyl cutter.

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