Best Sun Tent For Babies | Best Baby Beach Tent.

Are you a new parent that is afraid of taking your baby to the beach because of the extreme sun and sand?

Well, worry no more as the best sun tent for babies are now available to protect your delicate one from those harmful sun rays and also keep them cool and away from sand.

Beach tents for babies can also be used in your backyard because little children do need to go outdoors as much as big kids do.

The fresh air and the magical sights are very important to their development and you also get to join in the fun.

Buying Guide for the Best Sun Tent for Babies .

best sun tent for babies

There are all kinds of tents flooded in the market some meant for kids and some for the whole family. The best sun tent for babies has to be designed with a child in mind so that their needs will be met.

Here are some of the factors you should look for in the best baby beach tent;

  • Size Of The Tent

The size of a tent will be determined by how many kids you want to be putting in the tent and if the family will be joining them in the tent.

Besides the capacity and width of the tent, you should also consider the height so your child can stand comfortably and if there are adults too consider their height.

  • Ease Of Use

Unfortunately, not many people know how to set up a tent and if they do, it takes a while to do it.

The best sun tent for babies should be easy to set up such as pop up tents and also to fold after use. Choose a tent that you can pop open with one hand so you can hold your baby with the other hand.

  • Material

The material of a tent determines how heavy, durable and hot the tent will be.  Most beach tents are made from polyester, nylon and polycotton with waterproof coating in case it rains.

Choose a tent made with breathable and light material so your child won’t suffocate in there.

  • Sun Protection

Apart from providing shade, the most important purpose of a tent is to protect your baby from UV rays. The best beach tent for babies has SPF 50+ sun protection so your child is more than 97% sun protected.

  • Stability and the Floor

The best baby tent for beach must withstand strong wind and rain not to mention kids playing inside.

To ensure the tent is stable, guy lines, sand pockets and strong stakes must be in place to secure the tent in the ground.

Good tents also come with a floor so your child won’t get wet from the sand or eat insects.

Best Beach Shade Tent For Baby On The Market.

1.     Lightspeed Outdoors Quick Cabana Beach Tent Sun Shelter.

Lightspeed Outdoors Quick Cabana is suitable for the beach or backyard with your child as it can fit two adults, a child and a pet.

The beach tent can be set up and taken down in seconds thanks to the built in pole design and easy-hub system.

Best Sun Tent For Babies | Best Beach Tent For BabiesCLICK TO CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON


  • Lightspeed Outdoors Quick Cabana features a 4ft front porch that will keep your child off the wet ground.
  • It has three large windows for ventilation and a nice overhang to provide shade and privacy.
  • This sun tent for baby is constructed with breathable polyester and coated with water resistant seal so it remains very cool no matter how hot it is.
  • The tent features UPF50+ sun protection and it stays strong and firm during windy days thanks to the stakes and sand pockets.
  • Lightspeed Outdoors Quick Cabana is lightweight and comes with a small carry bag to make transport easier.


  • The dark front flap gets very hot when it’s too sunny.

2.     Pacific Breeze Easy Up Beach Tent Deluxe XL.

Pacific Breeze tent is the fastest and easiest tent to set up and take down thanks to the EasyUp Hub system.

This extra-large tent is able to accommodate 4 adults and it is very light and compact when beach tent for babies



  • Pacific Breeze Easy Up Beach Tent features UPF50+ sun protection and it’s also great at protecting your baby from wind and rain.
  • This beautiful tent is made with breathable polyester and it has three large windows so it’s pretty ventilated inside there.
  • Whether it’s raining or not, your tent will remain dry since the PE floor as well as the tent itself are water resistant.
  • The baby beach tent has ample storage space inside and it comes with internal pockets and hooks to hang your stuff.


  • It’s only available in one color.

3.     KidCo Peapod Plus Infant Travel Bed.

KidCo Peapod Plus is a normal peapod used by kids under 5 years to sleep in the living room or car.

However, this model is ideal for outdoor adventures because it is bigger and features UV protection.beach shade for babies



  • This peapod comes fully assembled with a sleeping pad that is already snapped on the floor so your baby can just sleep comfortably.
  • At only 3.5 lbs. this sleeping bag is very easy to carry and it can fit in your suitcase when you are travelling.
  • KidCo Peapod Plus Infant Travel Bed is surrounded by a lightweight mesh so its airy and provides protection from insects and mosquitoes.
  • If you want to go camping or to the beach, you can use the anchor straps to secure this peapod to the ground.


  • This infant beach tent can’t be used for kids over three years because it’s too tiny.

4.     OutdoorMaster Pop Up Beach Tent.

If you are looking for a beach tent big enough for a whole family, this OutdoorMaster Pop Up Beach Tent is one of the best baby beach tent for babies


The sun shelter raises and comes down in seconds and it requires no assembly at all.


  • OutdoorMaster Pop Up Beach Tent has a built in zipper door that helps to make this tent a private outdoor changing room. There is also a privacy screen for adults so you can be separate from the kids when changing or sleeping.
  • This beach tent for baby blocks up to 97.5% of UV rays thanks to the SPF 50+ protection.
  • The tent is also water proof because it’s made with 3000mm nylon and wind will also be kept at bay.
  • There are three screens to allow airflow in the tent and it is pretty tall so you won’t feel claustrophobic.
  • It can accommodate four adults and a child.


  • This pop up beach tent for baby is a bit expensive.

5.     Baby Nook Travel Bed and Beach Tent.

Just like the KidCo Peapod Plus Infant, this Baby Nook Travel Bed is meant for infants whose parents would like to take outdoors to the beach, camping or in the backyard.uv beach tent for baby


This sun tent for babies  is suitable for infants from 1 month to 3 years of age and your baby can sit or sleep straight comfortably.


  • Baby Nook Travel Bed has large windows covered with mesh to allow airflow and also protect against insects. The mesh openings are flaps that can be opened or closed when you wish.
  • The tent comes with an inflatable baby mat that you can put your baby on to play and nap.
  • This beach shade for babies pops up and folds down very easily and it is small enough to fit in a briefcase.
  • Baby Nook Travel Bed is made with durable waterproof polyester and nylon so it’s not just lightweight but it is also very durable. The seams are very well made to ensure it does not come apart even when your baby kicks it.


  • The pad seems to be bigger than the tent floor.

6.     Best Selling EasyGo Shelter – Instant Easy Up Beach Umbrella Tent Sun.

EasyGo Shelter is another one of the biggest baby tents in the market suitable for the whole family.

This uv beach tent for baby is easy to set up because all you have to do is draw the string and it will complete the web and open baby tent for beach



  • EasyGo Shelter is strong and secure even when it’s very windy thanks to the stakes and sand pockets used to securely hold it on the ground.
  • It’s a very cool tent because the front door opens wide and the windows can be closed and opened as you wish depending on the temperature and location.
  • This beach shade for babies is easy to carry home or to the beach because it’s easy to fold and comes with a small carry bag.
  • It has ample storage space and inner pockets to put your small items.


  • This tent is quite heavy and only available in one color.

7.     Coleman DayTripper Beach Shade For Baby.

Coleman DayTripper Beach Shade is one of the most affordable baby beach tents in the market and it is ideal for all children but not sun tent for babies


This baby pop up beach tent features a very innovative zipper design where if you open the front door, it becomes the porch floor for your baby to play on.


  • This tent has two zippered doors so it can be used as a private outdoor changing area. The doors can also be opened so you can get some breeze in and let your child explore the outside.
  • Coleman DayTripper Beach Shade features SPF50+ UV Guard protection so your child will be very safe even when it’s scorching hot.
  • The tent has a center height of 57’’ so your baby can stand up and walk comfortably and it can accommodate a few kids.
  • It has 4 hanging pockets inside where you can store your items for safety.


  • The tent is not instant so you need to set it up carefully.



Whether you want a big tent or a small one, there is a tent for everyone here. The best sun tent for babies however should keep them safe, cool and comfortable all day long.

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