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Having the best string trimmer for home use (also known as Weed Wacker or a Weed Eater) is the best tool you will ever buy if you want to get rid of those dreaded weeds without hurting your delicate hands and back.

One of the most challenging jobs about maintaining your lawns and garden is picking out those stubborn weeds that make your grass look unsightly….

The best string trimmers make the maintenance of your outdoor area very easy and they are available in gas, electric power and cordless.

You will also be able to shape the edges of your lawn and flower gardens to your preferred design without going to a professional.

Buying Guide For The Best String Trimmer For Home Use.

Best Trimmer

What is the best weed trimmer? Finding the best string trimmer for home use can be challenging if you don’t know what to look for.

These string trimmer reviews cover the top rated weed eaters in the market in terms of performance, price and ease of use.

If you want to find the best string trimmer for you, here is what you should consider first;

  • Weight

Unlike lawn mowers, you have to lift up even the best weed wacker when you are cutting grass or weeds so the weight rests solely on your arms.

Though gasoline trimmers are the best in terms of performance and power, they tend to be heavier than electric and battery powered trimmers.

The best weed trimmer should not be too heavy on your hand so try to pick up a few of them before you buy.

  • Maintenance

Apart from the buying cost, maintaining a trimmer can cost you a lot of money if you need to fuel, change oil and get it cleaned regularly.

Consider how much it will cost you to maintain the best grass trimmer with every use so you can know if you will afford it.

  • Shaft

A shaft transfers power from the motor to the string and there are straight and curved shafts. If you are tall or you need to reach places that are very deep within, a straight shaft is best for you.

However, curved shafts are much easier to maneuver because of the design and they are also light.

  • Type Of Trimmer

There are 3 types of string trimmers in the market; electric corded, cordless and gas powered.

The best Cordless weed wacker offers more convenient because you can just go with it wherever you want since they are light and affordable.

However, if you need extreme power for tall grass and stubborn weed, gasoline trimmers are the best plus they are more durable.

There are advantages and disadvantages to every type of trimmer so you need to identify your needs and chose the most suitable one.

What is the Best String Trimmer For Maximum Efficiency?

1.      BLACK+DECKER LST136W 40V MAX Lithium Ion String Trimmer.

BLACK+DECKER LST136W String Trimmer  is one of the best yard trimmers in the market because it is affordable and very convenient since it’s cordless.Best String Trimmer For Home Use


The 13 inch trimmer and edger feature a powerful motor that delivers sufficient power to the string so you can get the job done faster.


  • BLACK+DECKER LST136W has an exclusive PowerDrive Transmission that enables this trimmer to reach areas where a lawn mower cannot reach so it’s best for shaping lawns.
  • This best rated weed wacker has a 40-volt lithium-ion battery that is long lasting and can be shared with other cordless tools in your home such as the lawn mower.
  • It has tool free handle and height adjustment and it’s very easy to convert from trimmer to edger.
  • The battery charges for a very short time but it is able to run for a long time until you finish the job.
  • The automatic feed spool enables you to continue working without any bumping.


  • It’s not ideal for heavy thick brush.

2.      WORX 32-Volt GT2.0 String Trimmer/Edger/Mini-Mower.

WORX 32-Volt GT2.0 String Trimmer is a powerful tool for your home because it can work as a trimmer, edger and a small mower.what is the best string trimmer


This cordless machine adjusts to your specific needs and comes with 3 spools of cutting line so your journey to a neat garden will be easy.


  • WORX 32-Volt GT2.0 String Trimmer has a cutting diameter of 12 inches so you will cover more area in less time and also mow some grass.
  • The 32-volt max lithium ion battery is extremely powerful and provides a longer run time so you can finish the job.
  • This battery powered trimmer converts from one version to the other in seconds and the dual-positioned in-line wheels make edging easy because you can reach tight and hidden areas.
  • The head of this trimmer can tilt to 90 degrees and there is an adjustable spacer guard to ensure you don’t touch any furniture accidentally while you are cutting.


  • The battery charges really slowly.

3.    BLACK+DECKER LST420 20V MAX Lithium High-Performance Trimmer and Edger.

BLACK+DECKER String Trimmer is one of the leading brands offering the best string trimmer and edgers in the market in terms of power and extended run electric weed wacker


This LST420 20V is a high performance edger and trimmer with dual mode switch so you can choose between high power and extended run time.


  • LST420 20V is cordless so you will not have complicated cords or gas issues to deal with and that also means it’s cheaper and easy to maintain.
  • This trimmer as adjustable height and pivoting handle position so that you can be as comfortable as possible.
  • The trimmer is easy to use, lightweight and very quiet so you can work at any time of the day.
  • The 20-volt max lithium-ion battery provides longer battery life and more power to cut even the toughest grass.
  • The wheeled edging feature enables you to switch from trimmer to edger by just rotating the wheels and there is automatic feed spool.


  • No complaints yet.

4.      GreenWorks 21272 5.5Amp 15-Inch Corded String Trimmer.

GreenWorks 21272 String Trimmer is among the best electric weed trimmer since it is very powerful, efficient and affordable.

The 5.5 Amp, 120volt motor provides enough power to cut through the toughest grass and there is an automatic line feed system.what is the best weed trimmer



  • This trimmer has a handle that can rotate to 180 degrees easily so you can trim sidewalks and edges without problems.
  • It is suitable for any person no matter the size because the shaft is adjustable to any height you want.
  • The electric trimmer is very environmental friendly, easy and clean to use plus you don’t have to worry about running out of power.
  • This trimmer weighs only 7 pounds and it has a 15-inch cut path that means you get the job done quickly.
  • The trimmer has an electric start and it’s pretty quiet.


  • You need to buy an extension cord and gloves because the safety switch is rough on hands.

5.    High-Performance420 20V MAX Lithium Weed Trimmer and Edger.

Like all the other best cordless weed wacker and trimmers from BLACK+DECKER, this LST420 Weed Trimmer features PowerDrive transmission that delivers amazing power from the motor directly to the cutting string to ensure the job gets done rated weed wacker


This trimmer also comes with dual mode accelerator so you can choose between high performance and longer run time.


  • BLACK+DECKER LST420 offers you continuous work without bumping thanks to the automatic feed spool.
  • There are 2, 2.0Amp per hour lithium battery packs that provides 33% more power than most battery packs.
  • Any of these two batteries can be used in other household tools.
  • It is easy to convert from trimmer to edger if you have to shape sidewalks and boarders because all you have to do is rotate the wheel.
  • This trimmer is easy to start, quiet and it has adjustable height and pivoting handle positions putting it among the best weed eater.


  • This trimmer only has one cutting string and it’s very thin.

6.    Husqvarna 967055801 Straight Shaft 4-Stroke Gas String Trimmer.

If you want a professional gas weed trimmer that cuts through tall grass and weeds like knife on butter, this Husqvarna 967055801 Straight Shaft 4-Stroke Gas String Trimmer is your best bet.

Best Weed Wacker | Best Weed Eater



The trimmer a 4-stroke engine that runs on pure gas so your days of mixing gas and oil are over.


  • The smart start engine is designed for quick start even if you are not experienced.
  • This trimmer also has an air purge that gets rid of air from the fuel system and carburetor so the engine can start easily.
  • It takes only two minutes to assemble this gas-powered trimmer and replacing a string is super easy.
  • Husqvarna 967055801is among the best lawn trimmer because it is very powerful, quiet and has great balance so you can work for hours without getting tired.


  • No complaints at all.

7.    Toro 51480 Corded 14-Inch Electric Trimmer/Edger.

Toro 51480 Electric Trimmer is among the best electric weed wacker thanks to the powerful and durable construction.

This trimmer and edger makes cutting tall and rough grass seem like child’s play and it has a powerful 5Amp motor that is quiet but dangerous to grass.

best electric weed wacker



  • Toro 51480 has a 14-inch wide dual line cutting width so you are able to do the job faster.
  • With one simple push of a button, you can convert the trimmer into an edger thanks to the one-step walk behind edging.
  • This trimmer comes with a telescopic shaft and adjustable assist handle that helps you reach extended areas and accommodate users of all sizes.
  • This trimmer is able to automatically adjust the line to the perfect cutting length so it takes the guessing out of the job.


  • There are a lot of complaints that it breaks down after a while.



The best string trimmer for home use is basically what will work best for you. In addition, try to buy some safety gear such as goggles, gloves and boots to avoid getting hurt because even the best lawn trimmer throws a lot of debris your way.

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