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For those of us who love playing any ball game be it soccer, basketball or even handball, always having to carry your ball with your hands is pretty boring.youth soccer backpack

The only thing that would make playing more fun is to have soccer backpacks with ball pocket so you can carry everything including your ball on your back instead of hands.

A soccer bag with ball compartment will not only make work easier for you but also ensure your ball doesn’t mix up with others or get lost.

It is a cool design that originated from Adidas to ensure lovers of soccer and other ball games are comfortable carrying their balls to the field.

Buying Guide For the Best Soccer Backpacks With Ball Pocket.

Since there are so many soccer backpacks with ball pocket, it can be confusing to identify the best soccer backpack. This buying guide will help you know what to look for in soccer backpacks so you can get the best;

  • Space

One of the most important features you should look for in soccer backpack with ball holder is space especially if you carry a lot of things to the field or to school.

The best soccer backpack should be big enough to fit a size 5 ball and still leave room to fit your books, clothes and shoes. The more compartments and pockets a bag has the better because you will have separate places to put all your stuff so you can be organized.

  • Durability

Soccer bags with ball holder withstand a lot of pressure especially when you are pushing your bag in and they are roughly handled.

It’s very important that you buy a boys soccer bag that can withstand all that mishandling and remain in good condition for a long time. A durable backpack should also have ventilated pockets and be water proof in case it rains or falls on water.

  • Style

The best soccer backpacks for school are those that are unisex so that any boy or girl can carry them. It can be hard to find a girls’ soccer backpack so it helps when you can get a unisex one in terms of style and color. It’s also important to consider the person you are buying the backpack for so you know what they like.

  • Comfort

Seeing that the best soccer bags carry a lot of things every day, it is very important for the bag to be super comfortable. This means that the bag itself should not be heavy and the shoulder straps must be adjustable and well-padded.

Best Soccer Bag With Ball Compartment Reviewed.

1.    Adidas Stadium Team Backpack.

This Adidas Stadium Team Backpack is the best adidas soccer backpack in the market because it is 100percent polyester and it comes with a variety of ball pockets.Best Soccer Backpacks With Ball Pocket


Adidas has been on the forefront of making the best soccer backpacks with ball pocket and having an Adidas bag is a big deal for footballers all over.


  • The interior zip pocket can be used for books or laptops while the big exterior pocket is used for the ball or laundry. There are also two extra exterior pockets that can be used for another ball, shoes or anything else.
  • Adidas soccer bags with ball holder feature ventilated and zipped pockets to ensure everything is safe but airy to avoid developing a bad smell.
  • It’s a very comfortable bag because it’s perfect size and comes with ultra-ride shoulder straps that won’t hurt you even if you carry the bag for a long period.
  • This beautiful soccer backpack features a hydro-shield water resistant base to ensure your belongings remain safe and dry in whatever situation.


  • The openings are not big enough to fit a size 5 ball so you have to really push it in.

2.    DashSport  Soccer Backpack.

If you or your child carries a lot of stuff to practice, this DashSport – All Sports Bag is the best because it’s big but not bulky.

 soccer bag with ball compartmentCLICK TO CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

The bag has room for all your sports gear and school items so that nothing is left behind or gets lost.


  • This backpack soccer bag is made of 4200 nylon and PVC reinforcement so it’s very durable but also very light to carry.
  • It’s a very organized backpack with a place specifically for everything from shoes, laundry, books and ball.
  • DashSport – All Sports Bag Gym is one of the bags that come with a bottle holder on the side so you can always have water near you.
  • All the pockets are ventilated to keep your socks, shoes and guards aired out and fresh.
  • The bag can fit up to size 5 balls comfortably even when it’s full.


  • This bag is too big for kids.

3.   ProGear Soccer Backpack w/Ball Pocket – Sports Gym Bag.

ProGear Soccer Backpack is another convenient travel size bag that will fit all your gear and ball comfortably.

However, this bag has the advantage of being unisex so it’s very popular with the backpack with ball holder



  • ProGear Soccer Backpack is a very attractive bag that looks good on anyone specially ladies.
  • Apart from the obvious ball compartment, this bag has a compartment for everything you need to carry so you will be organized.
  • It’s very durable thanks to the Rip-Stop nylon and amazing stitching.
  • All pockets are zippered and easy to access so you can reach all your stuff easily.
  • The ventilated pockets ensure your items don’t smell bad and enhance bacteria.
  • ProGear Soccer Backpack is good for people of all sizes because it’s not too big and the straps are adjustable and well padded.


  • No complaints.

4.   Diadora Squadra Backpack

The Diadora Squadra Backpack features a very unique design that you will not see with anyone else.

Its new ergo friendly design and beautiful colors not only make it cool to have but also unisex so anyone can have backpack with ball holderCLICK TO VIEW ON AMAZON


  • The 420 denier nylon backed with strong PVC ensure this bag does not wear out quickly so it will serve you for a long time.
  • It has a very obvious front vented ball pocket that even fits a size 5 ball.
  • The side vented shoe tunnels are big enough to fit any shoe size, shin guards and socks and they will not smell or remain moist thanks to the ventilation.
  • This youth soccer backpack also has a top zippered pocket that you can fit some snacks, phone, wallet and other small essentials.
  • The padded anatomically shaped shoulder pads ensure you will be comfortable carrying the backpack for a long time without hurting your shoulders or chest.


  • There is no water bottle holder.

5.   Soccerware Soccer Bag Backpack.

Soccerware Soccer Bag Backpack is one of the most affordable soccer backpacks with ball pocket in the market and it is suitable for both kids and adults.

backpack soccer bag CLICK TO CHECK ON AMAZON

This bag is big enough to fit all your stuff including a size 5 ball, shin guards, shoes and clothes.


  • The biggest advantage of this Soccerware Soccer Bag is its light weight so you will not get tired of carrying it on your back.
  • The simple looking bag has capacity to carry everything in an organized manner because there is one ball compartment, 2 shoe or water bottle pockets on the sides, 1 zipper pocket on top and 2 internal pockets for snacks and phone.
  • All the compartments in this bag are ventilated to ensure your shoes and socks are deodorized and bacteria free.
  • Though they may not look like it, the cotton padded double lace drawstrings are very comfortable on your shoulders and you can adjust them to fit your size.
  • It’s a very durable bag made of No-rip PDX material and a waterproof lining for the ball compartment.


  • It’s too big for small kids.

6.    Sports Athletic Backpack w/ Pocket for Team Soccer Ball.

Whether you are into basketball, soccer or even volleyball, this Sports Athletic Backpack has ample room on the front mesh pocket for your ball.

soccer backpacks with ball pocket


It is a serious bag for people who are serious ball players because it’s meant to carry everything you need in school and in the field.


  • This backpack is made of 600 denier polyester and backed with Rip-Stop nylon to ensure it’s durable and handy.
  • It has 4 large mesh pockets to ensure all your gear is arranged properly and the inside compartment is big enough for books, clothes or laptop.
  • The side mesh pockets are ideal for shine guards, socks and water bottles while the internal pockets are great for small items like keys, phone and wallet.
  • On top of having really comfortable shoulder straps, this bag also has a cell phone exit port and cell phone holder so you don’t need to take the bag off to access your phone.


  • The openings are small so it’s hard to fit things in and out.

7.  Vizari Taranto Backpack with Mat.

If you want a ball backpack that looks a little different, this Vizari Taranto Backpack is the way to go.

This bag is made with durable polyester blended with jacquard so it looks very classy and shiny.youth soccer backpack



  • It is very cool that this bag comes with a fold-out mat that you can use to sit down or place your bag if the floor is wet or dirty.
  • The bag has a large compartment that you can put a change of clothes, shoes and more stuff because the front ball pocket can hold a size 5 ball on its own.
  • The breathable side pockets are great for dirty socks, water bottles and shine guards because they are easily accessible and allow air inside.
  • This bag also features looped zippers to ensure opening and closing is easy even for kids and the padded straps are very comfortable on your shoulders.


  • It is not water proof.


whether you are buying an Adidas soccer bag or any other brand, the best soccer backpacks with ball pocket must be well taken care of and washed to avoid encouraging bacteria growth and bad odor.

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