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Having the best pellet gun on the market is a dream for any hunter of sports person out there.If you have had a chance to use most of the pellet riffles in the market, you will agree with me that the best ones are hard to come by and one needs thorough review before settling for the perfect air gun.With the best air rifle for the money in your hands, you should be sure of high accuracy and speed, which are the two qualities of a gun that matter the most.

What Is A Pellet Gun/ Air Rifle?Best Pellet Rifle 2017

An air rifle is a type of gun that uses  compressed air to shoot pellets with great speeds in projectile motion.

Air rifles have been in existence for decades and have proved to be the best types of rifles to use in sporting competitions and open season hunting.

What Are The Different Types of Air Rifles?

The air rifles on the market can be classified as;

I. Variable Pump Air Rifles .

The variable pump air rifles are among the earliest types of air rifles to hit the market.

They have the capability of giving the user varied power according to the length of field between him/ her and the target.

A variable pump air rifle used to be the best pellet gun on the market until strong pellet guns possessing much more power took over the show.

II. Break Barrel Action Air Rifle.

This is the best pellet gun on the market that has been able to sustain its position as a great hunting tool.

With the break barrel action rifle, you are supposed to cock the gun by breaking the barrel and inserting the pellets.

The rifle has a strong spring piston that pushes back after you open and close the barrel.

The trigger releases the spring piston, which pushes the pellet out of the barrel with incredible force.

III. Nitro Piston Air Rifle.

Nitro tanks have found their way through everything that needs speed.

They have managed to land in the chambers of guns and make the best air rifles for the money.

The nitro piston air rifle uses nitrogen, which is compressed instead of a spring, reducing the noise produced by the pellet gun.

The nitro pistons have further been expanded to make a better model of the nitro guns.

There are also other types of guns that work in the same way as these guns.

They include the CO2 and pre-charged pneumatic air rifles, which are also great guns to use for sports and you just have to choose one according to your preference.

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Buying Guide For The Best Pellet Gun On The Market.

Every type of air gun has a distinctive feature that makes it unique from all the other types.

The distinction may even be the brand name, so let us see which common features are the ones that you should be focusing on when buying the best airgun for the money:

  • What’s the Air rifle Speed?

For hunting sports, you may need to pick a pellet gun that has high propulsion speeds.

 A nitro air rifle may be a great choice for you since its propulsion speed is jaw dropping.

The faster the speed of the pellet, the longer the distance it will travel before making a projectile landing.

For other occasions, other factors may be of greater value since speed is not the only factor to consider.

  • What Accuracy Do You Need?

This is also another factor that needs to be kept in mind during the purchase of the best airgun rifle.

The accuracy is needed to hit the peak in all the guns for whatever purpose they are intended for.

A test shot can be made to see the accuracy of a specific gun before buying it.

A fan of guns should be able to know the accuracy of any gun without test shots, but it is worth the try to check defects on it.

  • Occasion & State Regulations.

How and where you want to use your pellet gun matters. Some states do not allow the use of certain calibers for sports.

Some air guns are quite powerful and are considered dangerous weapons to handle unless you have a permit or use licensed rifles that are provided at the shooting range.

When you shop for the most powerful pellet gun, be sure to check if it complies with your state laws.

  • What Type Of Best Airgun Do You Want?

Some types of air rifles come at a cheap price but have expensive accessories that you need to buy.

The best airgun for the money should have cheap and accessible ammo.

Going for the type that has expensive and rare accessories will drain your pockets more than the most expensive rifle.

Let’s now check the best rated air rifles that you can get off the market so that you can know where to start looking:

1. Gamo 6110065654 Big Cat 1250 .177 Caliber Air Rifle with Scope.

The gamo big cat air rifle is a .177 caliber gun that should serve you well when you are out in the fields.Best Pellet Gun On The MarketCHECK CURRENT PRICE.

The rifle can only make one shot after a reload, but has a quick reload mechanism that reduces the time of reloading the pellets.

A scope with 4X magnification is mounted onto the gun.

The scope allows you to make accurate aims for objects that are 4 times further than the distance you could see clearly through.

It is also the best air rifle for hunting and recreational activities.

It can shoot projectiles out with a speed of 1250 feet per second provided they are PBA platinum.

The gamo big cat air rifle also has checkering on the grip and forearm. The checkering improves the grip that you have on the air gun, giving you a chance to acquire a steady aim.

It also possesses a low weight, which you should be able to handle without difficulty. It is an example of the most powerful pellet gun that is easy to handle when aiming.

2. Ruger Blackhawk Combo Air Rifle.

This Ruger Blackhawk Combo Rifle is also the best hunting air rifle for the pellet rifle for the moneyCHECK CURRENT PRICE.

The rifle is a .177 caliber, which can shoot the ordinary pellets with a velocity of 1000 feet per second.

This caliber type makes it the best pellet gun on the market to use in hunting competitions since it is the recommended caliber type in many states.

The fast propulsion rate of the Ruger Blackhawk Combo Rifle makes it ideal for long-range shots too, a reason why it’s commonly used at the shooting ranges because of this feature.

The high accuracy the air gun has also increased the air gun’s popularity in the shooting ranges.

The Rugger Blackhawk Air Rifle is fitted with a 4×32 scope to improve your aim’s accuracy by great lengths.

If that has not grabbed your attention, wait until you hear of its weight. The airgun weighs just below ten pounds; a weight even a small kid can manage to lift off the ground.

To make it the best pellet rifle for the money that you can buy, the manufacturer has included a warranty that is issued upon purchase.

The warranty will hold up for a year as long as you maintain the gun well.

3. Benjamin Marauder Synthetic Stock Pellet Air Rifle.

The Benjamin Marauder Synthetic air rifle is a powerful pre-charged pneumatic rifle that you can’t afford to leave out of your cabin shelves.

best airgun for the money CHECK CURRENT PRICE.



It has been designed to make a couple of shots before the need of re-pressurization.

This proves that it is one of the best pellet gun for hunting since you can make another shot if the first one failed to hit the target accurately.

The barrel is a customized choke barrel with internal shroud; hence, it preserves a fine look on the outside while the internal parts ensure that the pellets are shot with great efficiency and low noise, which actually brings us to our next point.

The Benjamin Marauder Synthetic air rifle is the quietest air rifle you can pick off the shelves with that kind of labeled price.

It operates at a fill pressure of between 2000-3000 pounds per square inch. You can refill the pressure chamber with the Benjamin® hand pump, which is sold separately.

The air gun is a .25 caliber gun that can shoot the pellets with a velocity that goes up to 900fps.

It also weighs 8.5 pounds, making its handling a bit easier.

4. Crosman Nitro Venom Break Barrel Air Rifle (22) powered by Nitro Piston.

This is a 44.5” inch air rifle with a number of features that you’ll find awesome.


most powerful pellet gunCHECK CURRENT PRICE.


This air rifle is one of the most powerful break barrel air rifle to use in sporting ground.

It can shoot ordinary pellets with a velocity of 800 feet per second while alloys can go up to 950 fps.

The airrifle comes fitted with a powerful scope of 3-9×32 magnification, making it one of the most powerful air rifle to use in a hunting ground with high accuracy.

After you have calibrated the Crosman Nitro venom break barrel air rifle for the first time, you need not undergo the same procedure until after you have made 200-250 shots.

Even with its great power, it is still the best break barrel air rifle that anyone handle due to its low weight.

Like all the strong pellet guns mentioned here, the gun weighs under 10 pounds, winning itself a spot in the lightest air rifle reviews.


Even if it is not hunting you are aiming to do, choosing the best pellet gun on the market can help you with attaining high accuracy shots in the sports grounds and while hunting.

All the rifles mentioned here are of splendid nature and are made for maximum efficiency and effectiveness to give you value for your money.

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