Best Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers On The Market

Have you heard of the Best Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers On The Market? well….

They say music is best medicine especially when overwhelmed by stress…

We all love it anyway though a speaker can be one of the inconvenience if you don’t take time to choose the best for your outdoor use.

But here is the deal;

The best Bluetooth outdoor speakers will make you wild as they are extremely convenient to let you enjoy the tunes wherever you go especially in a pool party.

This post will give you an insight on the best outdoor Bluetooth speakers on the market, how to settle for the best and get the best value for your money…

 What Is A Bluetooth Speaker?Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Review 2016

A Bluetooth speaker is a music system that let you stream music wirelessly from other devices like a tablet and phone. It is also an end-all solution to wireless music needs.

Why Do You Need Best Bluetooth Outdoor Speakers?

The best Bluetooth speaker for outdoors live to their name as they’re designed to meet your outdoor music needs.

Their power consumption is quite less and you can take it to a hiking trip without carrying the cords. The quality of sound is good enough to give a wholesome family entertainment.

Also, these speakers need no major installation exercise as they are ready to for use in just few seconds.

These speakers are also waterproof which is critical for any outdoor use. You don’t have to worry about the speaker getting wet.

Buying Guide For best Outdoor Bluetooth speakers.

Consider the following points when buying the best outdoor Bluetooth speakers.

  • Sound efficiency/quality: The sound quality should be better than your device. You can find these specifications from the manufactures review. But often, most Bluetooth speakers come with utmost sound quality.
  • Battery life: Because you’ll be using the speakers on the go, ensure they offer sufficient backup not to interrupt your music experience.
  • Compatibility: because they are not connected by wires to the device test their connectivity to make sure they are working.
  • Durability: not all outdoor speakers will suit outdoor use, yet others will handle drops, dunks, and still keep running. Look at the ratings and guarantee stickers on the side of the box to ensure they are shock resistant.
  • Price: these speakers come in various prices but never assume that high price always give the best product. Expensive models may do sound better but they may lack some feature you may expect to come with the price. Choose the one with most features at your affordable price.
  • Waterproof: before you give out that hard earned cash, it’s wise to ensure you’re buying best waterproof bluetooth speaker there is. This will give you utmost advantage as you won’t worry about enjoying music even under the rain.

Here is our list of top recommended best outdoor bluetooth speakers

1. UE BOOM 2 Phantom Wireless Mobile Bluetooth Speaker (Waterproof and shockproof)

In a stunning waterproof and shockproof design, the Phantom Bluetooth speaker allow you to get wet, dirty and wild as you jam outdoors. It’s one of the best waterproof Bluetooth speaker to take on a hiking adventure.

best portable outdoor speakers

loudest portable bluetooth speakers

Features To Consider:

  • Great design around the speaker; this distributes the sound spectrum all round (360 degree sound) in an impressive way beating other models.
  • It is touch sensitive and this adds to convenience and ease of use. You can pause and skip songs with a single tap.
  • Easy control and Siri Google voice integration a feature that allow you to speak to the system instead of reaching out to your phone. This is not rocket science! The UE BOOM 2 ensure nothing comes between you and your music.
  • 100-feet Bluetooth wireless range which allow you to take your party anywhere within this range. You can even jam out of their sight and still yell to be heard and this make them one of the best Bluetooth outdoor speakers.
  • A whopping 15-hour battery life, this ensures that you enjoy enough of a continuous music experience without interruption.
  • Waterproof and shockproof outer casing, it keeps running well even after staying in water for up to 3o minutes so you don’t have to worry taking it to the pool. Waterproof speakers like this UE Boom 2 are specifically designed for adventures.
  • High and quality sounds, these speakers blast insanely good (deep and full bass) in all directions wherever you go. Besides, it’s still sound clear even at full blast.
  • A good portable design and quite small just like a can of beer which enhance portability so you can easily carry it around.
  • A companion mobile app which allows for over the air speaker updates to make it is ever working and up to date.
  • Drawback: All the same it blows out easily and the EU Logitech are hesitant to help.

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2. BRAVEN BRV-X Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker.

It is the top rated by adventure enthusiasts for its durability, courtesy of its ultra-rugged waterproof and shockproof exterior.  It is also one of the best outdoor wireless Bluetooth speakers.

outdoor bluetooth speaker reviews

outdoor bluetooth speaker reviews

Features To Consider:

  • A built in 5200mAh powerbank which provides a continuous 12 hours of music. You can play it at 80% volume and still find the battery showing over 50% battery charge. You can also charge your smartphone, mp3 players and other USB devices with these speakers.
  • High quality sound output, even at full volume it is clear and loud with a pretty punchy bass despite their small sizes.
  • A certified waterproof rating, so it’s fully protected from rainfall, and splashing. It will still survive a 30 minute in water 1 meter deep hence good for those who do water sports.
  • An ultra-rugged cover with a shock proof frame, this makes the ideal for any adventure as they will survive drops and drips. It’s one of the best rugged Bluetooth speakers that can take whatever you through at them.
  • A built in noise cancelling microphone so that you can have easy hands-free phones while on the go.outdoor bluetooth speaker reviews
  • Duo playback modes that can be customized for indoor or outdoor listening environments. It will sound, clear, and smooth in both environments.
  • A true Wireless Technology that allow you to pair your BRV-X speaker to a second speaker wirelessly, so you rock out in right and left stereo experience
  • Comes with a handy strap so you can latch it onto things for a relaxed experience while on the go.
  • One year warranty and this guarantees you can go wrong with these speakers.
  • Drawback: That said, this speaker is slightly heavier so you may have to consider the weight load when taking it on a hiking adventure

3. JBL Flip 3 Splash proof Portable Bluetooth Speaker.

The JBL Flip 3 is an all-purpose Bluetooth speakers with the balanced combination of size, sound quality, splash proof and ruggedness. It is one of the best portable outdoor speakers for the money…

best bluetooth outdoor speakers


best bluetooth outdoor speakers

Features To Consider:

  • A wireless Bluetooth streaming feature which allow you to connect up to 3 devices to the speaker and play a good, room filling stereo sound.
  • A built-in noise and echo cancelling speakerphone which allows you take crystal clear calls from your speaker with a touch of a button.
  • It is fully splash proof so you don’t have to worry about the rain or spills, above all you can clean it with running tap water. As an all-weather companion, it is best for water sports.
  • A JBL connect that allow you to connect multiple JBL connect speakers to amplify your listening experience.
  • A JBL bass radiator so that you can hear, feel and see the bass. In addition, the dual external passive radiators which accentuate the bass response.
  • A rechargeable 3000mAh Li-ion battery which delivers up to 10 hours of continuous outdoor bluetooth speaker
  • A sleek design with two mini subwoofers on the side which give it an incredibly good sounding bass.
  • It is compact and lightweight so you can bring it on a hiking trip with little concern about the weight load. A feature that lack in most portable outdoor speakers.
  • Comes with a well-balanced sound profile designed to deliver an impressive wholesome stereo sound anywhere you decide to go especially your outdoor parties. This waterproof speaker will just rock!!!!
  • It is budget friendly so you can grab one without digging deep into your pocket. You won’t believe how much it will save for you.
  • Drawback: Although they shine well outdoors, these speakers produces slight distortions at high volumes.

4.Trendwoo Outdoor Waterproof Bluetooth V4.0 Portable Speaker with DSP Noise Reduction Dual X-Bass Driver

For the best combination of sound, battery life, resistance to weather elements and performance, it is one of the best outdoor Bluetooth speakers.

best outdoor wireless bluetooth speakers

best outdoor wireless bluetooth speakers

Features To Consider:

  • A powerful 4000mAh built in rechargeable lithium battery that delivers a whopping 15 hours of playtime and a super-fast charging (3-4 hours) with a micro USB cable.
  • A built in mic which supports hand free calls people won’t tell that you are using a Bluetooth speaker when talking on phone.
  • An outstanding Bluetooth connection range, this wide connection range ensures a convenient wireless freedom so you can enjoy good sound from a distance. So if you want wholesome room-filling sound, then Trendwoo has one of the best outdoor Bluetooth speakers.
  • Features an advanced 4.0 chipset that delivers a stutter free wireless music streaming and seamless crystal clear stereo sound. So you can the soaring highs and deep lows of your favourite songs with a stable connection.
  • High quality audio output so you can clearly hear the separation between instruments and vocals. Speaker performance is just spectacular. The bass is good and punchy at no distortion despite its size. Certified waterproof ratings which make sure you rock on hiking, water sports, pool, beach and so on.
  • A shock proof and touch friendly silicone cover to keep it safe even when dropped, and therefore it can keep running even a hard fall.
  • Comes with a dual speaker drivers, DSP and combines a passive subwoofer to deliver enhanced X-bass performance like other outdoor portable speakers
  • A world famous warranty (18 months) and easy to reach support to increase usability and give value for the money.
  • A user manual is included in the box for easy operation.
  • Drawback: However, it is not an omnidirectional speaker as its tube design indicates, so you need to point the speaker in a particular direction for the best sound.


Don’t limit your outdoor music experience while you can rock it with one of the best outdoor Bluetooth speakers reviewed above.

We believe that after reading theses best outdoor wireless bluetooth speakers reviews, you’ll be able to find one that will take your music everywhere you go.

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