Best Mouse Poison On The Market – Bait For Mouse Trap & Mouse Killer.

If you’re not sure about the best mouse poison on the market, you’re not alone!

I spent 3 days asking myself “what is the best bait for mouse traps?”!!

But we’ll make things simpler for you…best mice poison

In this post, you’ll learn about the best mouse bait, best mice poison and mice killer on the market…

For many years now, killing rats and rodents was as easy as setting up a few traps here and there and waiting for them to get caught.

However, today rodents are too smart to fall for traps and that means you need the best mouse poison on the market to kill them.

The best mouse poison is usually placed in areas where the mice are likely to live such as attic and basement or you can set it in strategic places in the house especially kitchen where they frequent.

Depending on the ingredients, mice poison can either mess with the rat’s nervous system causing shock and then death or it can cause internal hemorrhage.

Buying Guide For The Best Mouse Poison On The Market.

The best mouse poison on the market for you will depend on the extent of your rodent infestation.

Households that have very resistant mice and rats will require the strongest and most powerful rat poison used together with traps.

If you’re still wondering what is the best mouse bait? Here are some of the features one should look for while buying mouse bait;

  • Effectiveness

Unfortunately, not all rat poisons actually kill rodents so you have to do your research and know which brands and types actually work effectively.

The best mice poison should kill all mice and rats in less than a week and if they are too many a second dose should eliminate the remaining ones.

  • Taste and Smell

The only reason why a rat would pick up a poisonous item is because it tastes and smells like good food. The best bait for mouse trap should look, smell and taste nice so any rat is attracted to take and eat.

  • Ease of Use

The best mouse trap bait should be easy to use and place where the mice will find them easily. Bait trays should be small enough to fit in small corners and cracks because you need to hide the poison from pets and children.

  • Warranty

Like any other product, rodenticides can work or fail you miserably. The best mouse bait to buy should have a good warranty to cover any defect in workmanship or material.

Great products like JT Eaton 709-PN Bait Block offer up to 1 year warranty so you are assured that it will work effectively for you and if it doesn’t you get a replacement.

What is the Best Bait for Mouse Traps?

1.   D-Con Ready Mix Rat and Mouse Killer, 2-12 Oz boxes, 8 Bait Trays.

D-Con Ready Mix Rat and Mouse Killer are the best mouse pellets poison in the market that kills even Warfarin resistant rats.

Best Mouse Poison On The Market


This poison causes the rodents to have internal hemorrhage and die in 3 to six days after feeding only once.


  • The product comes in 3 boxes containing 4 bait trays each so you can place them in many strategic places.
  • Rats seem to love D-Con Ready Mix Rat and Mouse Killer because they clean the stuff as soon as they find the trays and die just as fast.
  • This killer comes ready for use so all you have to do is place the baits carefully in secret places and it is very effective.
  • The packs are very small so you can place them in tight corners, behind appliances and even between walls.
  • In case a pet consumes this mouse poison pellets, you can give them Vitamin K as fast as possible to detoxify it before its dead.


  • It’s a bit expensive.

2.      D-Con Mouse Prufe II 4 Pack – 1.5 oz each.

D-con is one of the best mouse poison brands because their products are effective and kill after one feed baits traps


This D-Con Mouse Prufe II contains 4 packs of 1.5 ounces unique wedges that are easy to place even in hard to reach areas.

The wedges are designed for mouse and rat eliminations and they contain Brodifacoum formula which is very lethal for rodents.


  • The wedges are big enough so you place each of them alone in strategic places eliminating messes and clutter that pellets cause.
  • It is a very affordable mouse poison and rodents die after consuming only one wedge.
  • If you have pets and small kids, you are able to slide these wedges in secret places such as cracks, behind the fridge and between walls where only rodents can find them.
  • D-Con Mouse Prufe II wedges attract the mice to eat them and it kills even the most resistant rodents in less than a week.


  • It’s hard to find this product especially in stores.

3.    Just One Bite Ii Bars Mice and Rat Killer, 8lbs.

Just One Bite Ii Bars is among the best mice killer in the market and it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

best mice poison


The package comes with 8, 1lb bar that can either be cut into small pieces to fit in small places or used as a whole.


  • All the 8 bars are wrapped separately to ensure they stay fresh before they are used.
  • The bars can be cut into small 2 ounce pieces so you will have a lot of baits to attract and kill the rodents and they also fit in small cracks and burrows.
  • Just One Bite Ii Bars Mice and Rat Killer can also kill other pests especially squirrels that might be bothering you.
  • The 8 pound pack lasts for at least four months so it’s very economical and efficient.
  • Critters and all kinds of pests find this rat killer irresistible so they eat the bars and crumbs quickly leading to their demise.


  • It takes a while for the infestation to clear up.

4.    Havoc Rat & Mouse Bait.

As the name suggest, Havoc Rat & Mouse Bait will literally cause havoc in the rat colony raiding your home.mouse poison pellets


This poison is an all-weather, no wax formulation that kills rats and mice with only one feed.

If you are wondering what to put on a mousetrap, this pack contains 40 twin packs of 50 grams each and they can be sued in residential and agricultural buildings.


  • Havoc Rat & Mouse Bait is an odor free poison and you will not have any mess in your home.
  • The pellets attract rodents to consume them and the poison works extremely fast even on the most resistant rats.
  • You can spread the pellets in very tiny places where only rats can reach so you don’t endanger your kids and pets.
  • Havoc Rat & Mouse Bait is an efficient and economical way of getting rid of all rats and mice compared to traps and other methods.


  • This poison is dangerous to pets and kids so you must place them carefully.

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5.      Farnam Just One Bite II Bar, 16 – Oz.

Farnam Just One Bite II Bar is a single dose of the Farnam bar for people who don’t have the money to buy the big pack.

 Best Mouse Poison On The Market


This single bar contains Bromadiolone, a poison that is potent enough to kill rats and mice in all settings.


  • Farnam Just One Bite II Bar has special nibble ridges because rodents love to chew on stuff so they are more likely to eat it and die.
  • This economy bar breaks into many pieces so you can place in many strategic places and kill more rats.
  • This bar is very delicious so rodents and squirrels eat it like a snack before they die.
  • The poison acts pretty fast with the first dead mice being seen the following day after placement.
  • Farnam Just One Bite II Bar is easy to use because all you to do is break and set up on stations and you can get rid of uneaten pieces.


  • Some customers complain that rats don’t like it.

6.      D-Con Ready Mix Bait Bits for Mice Brodifacoum Mice.

D-Con Ready Mix Bait Bits are formulated with a very lethal ingredient called Brodifacoum to cause internal hemorrhage in mice and rats within one and five days.

best mice poison


The manufacturer guarantees that this is the best mouse poison on the market to kill even Warfarin resistant mice so you will have a mice free home in a week.


  • These ready to eat baits are not messy and rats find them easier to eat.
  • The product contains a special attractant that lures rats and mice in so they can eat it and die.
  • D-Con Ready Mix Bait Bits kills even the biggest rats in a farm within days.
  • The 4 bait trays are enough to kill a colony of rats and you can divide them into two because they are many.
  • These pellets kill in just one feed so you don’t need to keep repeating the process.


  • The pack is expensive and hard to find in stores.

7.   JT Eaton 709-PN Bait Block Rodenticide Anticoagulant Bait, Peanut Butter Flavor, For Mice and Rats.

JT Eaton 709-PN Bait Block is anticoagulant bait specially formulated to kill all rats and mice in just a few days after consumption.

best mice poison


This rodenticide contains Diphacinone which is very lethal making it one of the best mice and rats killer.


  • JT Eaton 709-PN Bait Block is formulated with peanut butter flavor to attract mice and rats so they can eat and die.
  • The active ingredient Diphacinone is able to eliminate even the smallest rodents meaning the entire troop will be dead.
  • This rodenticide contains 144-packs of 1 ounce blocks so you have a lot of pieces to distribute over a period of time.
  • This mice poison comes with a 1-year limited warranty in case it doesn’t work for some reason.
  • JT Eaton 709-PN Bait Block eradicates all types of pests from your home and garage.


  • There are few complaints that it doesn’t work but most people find it effective.


It is unfortunate that none of the best mouse poison on the market is safe for pets and children so the user must be very careful with placement.

The user must also follow the instructions well and be patient because most products start showing results in five to six days.

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