Best Most Expensive Longboard Ever!

More and more people are being hooked on longboarding using the most expensive longboard ever.Best Most Expensive Longboard Ever!

(Longboarding refers to the act of riding on a Longboard  which is  fun and addictive sport with its tricks, thrills and moves)…

If you’re a longboarding nerd, then you must be interested to know about the trending longboards in the market…

In this review post, we researched and reviewed the top rated most expensive longboard ever that you can get on the market.

Buying Guide For The Most Expensive Longboard Ever.

Before you make any purchase of the cute longboards whether cheap or expensive, it is important that you know what factors to consider that will enable you get the most expensive longboard ever.

Below are the main factors any buyer’s needs to consider when shopping for the best long boards.

  • Brand:

Just because a brand is cheap does not mean the longboard is of low quality. However, you need to make your work easier and save time by restricting your search to the companies that are known for making top rated longboards.

This will greatly boost your chances of getting the best longboard on the market.

  • Materials and Construction:

Whenever you are shopping for the best longboard brands, it is important that you consider the type and quality of material used.

Always search for the good cheap longboards that contains a deck that is made of good quality hardwood or bamboo.

  • The Deck Style:

The style of the deck plays an important role in determining the possible moves and the type of riding styles you will be able to make.

Best Longboard On The Market.

1.  Loaded Bamboo Vanguard 42″ Longboard Skateboard Complete

The Loaded Bamboo Vanguard 42″ is known to be the board that started it all for the loaded back in the 2002. It has grown to become one of the coolest longboards decks in the industry.

Best Most Expensive Longboard Ever |Best Longboard On The Market


Popularly known as the loaded Vanguard longboard, it has a symmetrical shape and stance that is loaded with camber. This Vanguard allows its users to pump and push through carves thereby generating a momentum as you aim for a faster and fluid ride.

It is available in up to five different flexes that are based on your personal preference and the weight of the body. For sure, you will always get a Vanguard for every type of rider.

A complete Vanguard will come stocked with Paris trucks. However, it is recommended that you keep this board under 25 mph. There is no better option for a flat ground carving and pumping than the loaded Vanguard.


  • It has a long length that allows for a wider stance and more stable ride.
  • It has extreme flax that is similar to a natural shock absorber


  • Never intended for fast speeds or downhill due to the extreme flex.
  • A super flexi deck is not good for the heavier riders.

2.  Atom Drop through Longboard (40 Inch).

The Atom Drop through is considered as the best beginner longboard that will offer you a fun, speedy and safe riding.

It is also considered to be among the most expensive longboard ever currently available in the market.

Best Most Expensive Longboard Ever |Best Longboard On The Market


It is known to carry the stand out design and customized to suit any rider.

The materials used in making this longboard are not only exceptional but are also suited for the riders.


  • This longboard will provide you with an easy going and enjoyable riding experience that you will not get in any other longboard.
  • It is fast and perfect for the beginner to the professional riders.
  • It is relatively cheaper hence most people can afford it.
  • It is known to provide a much easier and great way to locate the foot position.


  • It is slightly heavier hence not that portable.
  • It has a lesser flex due to its compact structure.

3.  Landyachtz Switch 40″ Longboard Complete Skateboard.

The Landyachtz Switch measuring 40- inch in length is made out of nine layers of the Canadian maple and has layers of fibreglass that are sand witched in between providing it with a great longboard for beginners


The different combination of maple layers makes this longboard feel sturdy and gives no flex while standing on it.


  • It features a hearty 1.8 inch of the drop platform thereby allowing one to be much closer to the pavement without having to drop through the mounting. This will bring you much closer to the ground and provide you with pockets to lock your feet in.
  • Its grip tape is tough, super gripe and of high quality hence nice to touch.
  • It has a large fox emblem on the deck that holds up pretty well under constant rubbing and scratching.
  • The ride on this switch inspires the rider to push beyond their boundaries.
  • Sitting lower to the ground allows for a much easier pushing thereby creating a lower centre of gravity that will ensure you are comfortable when at high speeds.
  • The bends at both the front and the back of the standing platform will create a natural foothold that you can always dig your shoes.


  • The wheels of the Landyachtz Switch are not that great for sliding since it is harder to kick out the board and initiate traction loss.

4.  White Wave Bamboo Longboards.

The White Wave Bamboo is the best longboard for beginners that is symmetrical and concave in shape making it look great for carving.

This long board is 41 inch long and 9.25 inch wide making it be great for making fun and ease of type of longboard for cruising


The board is considered by most people to be special since it is furnished with multiple layers of bamboo together with Canadian maple that has managed to make the board durable and heavy.

Its wheels are 70 mm by 50 mm that is good in reducing bump and giving the rider a smooth ride.

This longboard has Abec 7 bearings that are long lasting and durable.

It has an extraordinary deck and well laminated with spray tape to ensure it has an elegant look.


  • The wheels have a good grip hence not easy to lose balance.
  • It has a concave shape that gives it ease of carving.
  • The bamboo deck is awesome and exceptional to look at.


  • Its bushings are not some of the best though they are okay for riding.
  • You will never find anything that is extra ordinary with the track

5.  Rimable Drop-through Longboard (41-inch)

The Rimable Drop-through will not only teach you how to longboard but it will also help you know how well you can keep balance whenever you are riding and ensuring that you have longboard skateboard


It is perfect for both the novice and experts and any person who wants to have the advantage of the speed through the stricter turning radius.


  • It is a great and comfortable longboard for riding.
  • It is easier to handle since it is much lighter in weight.
  • It is the best longboard for high speed


  • Their wheel slows down faster whenever you stop pushing.
  • Some of its customers have complained of its wheels getting dirty much faster

6.  JUCKER HAWAII Longboard Makaha

The JUCKER HAWAII is one of the most popular longboards currently available in the market.

It was specifically developed for the kids and people who reside in the city.

These board measures 33 inches long although it is set up are similar to the other regular longboards.

good cheap longboards



  • It has a short wheelbase that allows tight turns to be made.
  • It is made of bamboo making it strong and durable.
  • The bamboo layers give this board a visual enhancement and make it to be livelier.
  • It is a top quality longboard available at a relatively affordable price


  • The materials used make the long boards are a bit heavier hence carrying them is quite a huge task.

7.  Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta Drop thru Cruzer Freeride Longboard Deck Complete 4

The Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta refers to a 40-inch longboard that has a great appearance.

It is a flexible drop through longboard featuring Santa Cruz Metallic Ink Drop down Longboard Deck that measures 10 inches by 40 inches.

best longboard on the market


It is the best type of longboard for cruising that will offer you stability and ease in riding since it is a drop down longboard.

One important thing you have to note about this best longboard skateboard is that all its parts are Santa Cruz parts that are top notch and of high quality.


  • It has a great graphic design that makes it looks great and stands out from the rest.
  • There are no speed wobbles even during high speed.
  • It has a low center of gravity that increases its stability and provides it with a smooth driving experience.
  • It is lightweight weighing only 7.0 pounds therefore can easily be moved around


  • Customer reviews reveal that bubbles can be found under the grip tape that is more of a manufacturing defect.


The top longboard brands are always fun to ride. They will always provide you with a way to commute around the streets and campus.

In case you are interested in getting the best longboard ever, consider going for any of the most expensive longboard ever.

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