Best Ice Packs For Neck And Shoulders Pain.

Damage to the muscles and tendons that hold your muscles to the bones may cause shoulder and neck pain. And one way of reducing your suffering is by using ice packs for neck and shoulders

Similarly, if the ligaments holding your bones together are damaged, you may find yourself wallowing in deep pain. Again, ice packs for neck and shoulders will be beneficial.

Now, it’s always good to be prepared by having the right information. So that if are in that situation where your neck/shoulder pain won’t let you breathe, you can act by getting an effective ice pack for neck and shoulder pain.

Therefore, in this post, I want us to learn more about the best neck and shoulder ice pack and what makes hot and cold packs for neck and shoulders to be very effective against neck and should soreness.

Let’s dig in:

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Ice Packs For Neck And Shoulders

Moving deeper, I though it’s a bright idea if I could briefly highlight for you what you should look at when searching for an ice pack for shoulder or an ice pack for stiff neck

This is what you should focus on:

·        Comfort

Preferably, it should adapt to the contours of your body and be fully comfortable with wearing.

·        Ease Of Use

A good ice pack/wrap should be easy to put on and adjust. It’s advisable to avoid those with awkward designs or difficult to apply.

·        For How Long Do You Intend To Use It?

Some are single use while other can be refrozen and reused. Depending on your injury, analyze to see which will serve you best

·        Material Used

Preferably, your treatment should be made of pliable, soft, high quality and durable material.

That way, you are guaranteed a proper fit, durability, and comfort.

·        Size

You will automatically need your ice pack to soothe the whole area. Check that its coverage to avoid disappointment

What Are Ice Packs For Neck And Shoulders?

Best Ice Packs for Neck and Shoulders

A neck and shoulder ice pack (or gel pack) is a compact plastic sac either filled with water or refrigerant gel/liquid.

Ice packs provide instant relief from pain while also reducing blood flow towards the injured area.

By cooling the target area quickly, cold pack for neck and shoulders end up making you more comfortable.

Emerging evidence has shown that they may also speed up healing

Types of Ice Pack for Neck and Shoulder Pain

Ice pack for neck pain or cold therapy is undoubtedly one of the very best therapies for acute pain, inflammation, and swelling.

The therapy is immense in painful environments like strain, hit or fall injury, sprain, traumatic injury, and post-surgical pain among others.

The packaging of ice therapy, however, differs depending on things like the location of your pain, severity of pain, your overall condition etc.

Here now are the different types of ice pack for neck and shoulder pain

1.     Reusable Ice Packs

These come as either gel filled packs or as bags and are made of pliable soft rubber material.

They are commonest.

Be sure to refrigerate them till you need them.

The main advantage of the best reusable ice packs is that you can re-freeze them and reuse as many times as may be necessary.

2.      Disposable Ice Packs

These are instant ice packs.

They are less common.

You have to crack them by hand to stimulate a chemical process making them cool instantly.

They remain cold for longer.

3.     Homemade Ice Packs (DIY)

If you are a DIY fan, you can make own ice packs from the comfort of your home by taking advantage of some of the materials you rarely miss at home.

These include towels, ice cubes, frozen sponges, liquid dishwater agent etc.

4.     Heat or Cold for Neck & Shoulder Pain?

Often, you may wonder whether to pick ice or heat for neck and shoulder pain… Now, heat and cold are both effective treatments for this pain.

But there is a slight difference:

Generally, neck ice wraps are most potent if used immediately after your injury.

On the other hand, heat is lethal against pain if applied 2-3 days after you get injured (and continues to be effective afterwards).

Let me add that the research on ice or heat for neck pain is still a work in progress.

Advantages Of Using Ice Packs Wraps

Use of cryotherapy—including ice packs & ice massage has some clear advantages or other medications.

Let’s look at them:

  • They provide faster relief from neck/shoulder pain
  • They  reduce inflammation (by constraining the flow of blood to your shoulders)
  • They are more convenient and easier to use
  • They relax your muscles (by numbing)
  • They also stop bleeding (again by balancing blood flow)

Disadvantages Of Using Ice Packs Wraps.

  • Some of the ice packs for shoulders or neck may cause skin irritation or an allergic reaction.

How to Use an Ice Pack

Let us now see how you should use your ice pack for shoulder pain:

·     Rub Some Oil

Coconut oil, olive oil or petroleum oil, once rubbed on your skin helps prevent skin irritation.

But don’t oil open wound/stitches

·     Use A Towel

Have a towel or a piece of cloth between the skin and your shoulder ice wrap. This prevents irritation or damage.

·     Don’t Go Beyond 20 Minutes.

Never leave long lasting ice packs on the skin for more than 20 minutes. And never allow your skin to freeze.

·     Ice Every 2-3 Hours.

For the initial 48 hours after your injury, ice once per hour.

Afterwards, the goal is no longer to reduce swelling but to relax the muscle tissue so slow down to once every 2/3 hours.

Precautionary Measures.

  • Avoid ice therapy for shoulder if you experience circulatory problems.
  • If you notice that your skin is becoming bright red, numb, blotchy, or blistered, remove your ice packs for shoulder
  • Never fall asleep while your cooling gel neck wrap is still on your neck.
  • See your doctor if your ice pack for shoulder surgery isn’t working or if strange symptoms persist.

Best Ice Packs for Shoulder Pain

To make your work easier, we hunted down the best ice packs for neck and shoulders.

Allow me to present them…first up will be the ice packs for shoulder problems. I have included the best shoulder compression wrap and the best shoulder ice pack wrap among others.

1.      Chattanooga Reusable Gel Ice Pack For Shoulder Cold Therapy.

Chattanooga Reusable Gel Ice acts immediately to relieve fevers, strains, bruises, and shoulder swelling.

Its unique CoolPac design delivers soothing relief while remaining flexible even when in a freezer.

Then, it’s very easy to apply and adjust.

Lastly, you can use it without fear of skin irritation as it’s created from the nontoxic silica gel.

Best Ice Packs



  • Coolpac design
  • Silica gel
  • 30 minutes relief


  • Very safe
  • Delivers longer icing (30 minutes)
  • Easy to apply
  • Very pliable


  • Must be frozen


This acts immediately on your shoulder. It has proven to be easy to use and adjust.

Plus, it’s very safe coming from the nontoxic silica gel

2.      Shoulder Ice Pack Wrap For Hot Or Cold.

Equipped to deliver both hot and cold treatment, Shoulder Ice Pack Wrap for Hot or Cold Therapy is recommended for severe and prolonged shoulder pain.

It especially works wonderfully if you participate in activities that usually involve shoulder rotation/overhead motions like tennis, pitching, swimming, rock-climbing, and the like.

And you will find it tremendous even if you have larger biceps!Shoulder ice pack



  • Available in all sizes
  • Removable gel packs
  • Velcro strap


  • Very powerful
  • Can fit larger biceps
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Safe


  • Heavier


What a marvel!

This delivers both hot/cold therapy for guys who participate in activities like tennis, pitching, swimming, rock-climbing, and the like.

3.      TheraPAQ Reusable Ice Pack For Shoulder.

TheraPAQ Reusable Ice Pack is one of the best reusable hot and cold gel packs around.

It has a number of useful features such as an extra-long adjustable Velcro belt.

In fact, this belt makes it fit to be applied to almost all your body parts.

The others remarkable quality is its versatility- it’s a complete home ‘nurse’ fully capable to heal all manner of sports injuries, body aches, muscle pains,  swellings, and to help joint pain relief, post-surgery rehabilitation, arthritis treatment, and more!Pain relief ice packs



  • Extra-long Velcro belt
  • Ice pack/ heating pad (non-toxic gel)
  • Leak-proof plastic pac


  • Doesn’t leak
  • Versatile
  • Easy to fit
  • Fast action


  • Not that big


The perfect universal pain reliever, this treats almost everything – from sports injuries, arthritis treatment, and many more!

It could be a fantastic choice!

4.   The Coldest Reusable Gel Ice Pack For Neck And Shoulder Pain.

For bad injuries, only the coldest treatment can help soothe your condition. And The Coldest Reusable Gel Ice Pack is one of the coldest ice packs…

It cools fast as soon as you apply it and will help you to quickly heal from aches, sprains, injuries, muscle tears, and many other active injuries

And by the way, you can also use to render hot treatment if necessary.Coldest ice packs



  • Holding straps
  • Cold therapy / hot therapy
  • Even ice distribution


  • Reusable packs
  • Molds to your body
  • Very Comfortable
  • Faster recovery


  • The Velcro a bit short


One of the coldest ice treatment (also useful as in hot therapy), this is unbelievable with aches, sprains, injuries, muscle tears, and many other active injuries

What a sublime invention!

5.   O2 Cold Therapy & Brace With An Ice Pack plus Air Compression Wrap.

Compression controls swelling in the area around your injury and is very important if you are targeting faster healing.

The other crucial part of rapid recovery is support- you need to provide your shoulder with as much support as possible.

And to date, the best support comes from shoulder braces.

So, how would you find a therapy aid that comes with both compassion and support?

Best Ice Packs



  • Air  compression & shoulder brace
  • Removable gel liner
  • Drip-free fabric


  • Can be worn over clothing
  • Works very fast
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to adjust


  • Could be bigger
  • Complex to learn


This automatically is a gold-standard cold therapy aid. It provides compression as well as plenty of support for your bad shoulders.

With it, you will soon be up and running!

6.      Arctic Flex Gel Ice Pack Shoulder Ice Wrap.

If you are after an ice pack that remains cold for the longest possible time, then here you have Arctic Flex Gel Ice Pack Shoulder Ice Wrap.

By remaining cold for up to 30 minutes, it assures you of sweet relief from acute & chronic pain, inflammation, scratches, strains, arthritis, swelling, and sprains

Its efficiency is also increased by its sizing and flexibility- it’s one of the largest and most pliable in our entire list of ice packs for neck and shouldersBest Ice Packs




  • Extra-large
  • Non-toxic silica gel
  • Contoured


  • Wide coverage
  • Ices for longer
  • Very flexible
  • Doesn’t leak


  • No hot therapy


This remains cold for longer (30 minutes).

It also has the widest coverage and flexibility hence magnificent against the majority of the acute & chronic shoulder injuries.

  Best Ice Packs for Neck Pain.

And finally, the best ice packs for neck pain:

7.      FlexiKold Neck Cold Pack

FlexiKold Neck Cold Pack stands out because of a premium construction and high-level reliability.

This comes from the fact that it uses a high-end Proprietary gel which is known to remain colder and for longer.

Then, its professional-grade gel interior enables it to remain pliable even when in a freezer.

What this means is that it will have better contact with your injured area as it will easily conform to whatever part of your neck under rehabilitation.Best Neck Ice PackCHECK IT ON AMAZON


  • Proprietary gel
  • Professional-grade interior
  • Premium construction


  • Durable
  • Very soft
  • Awesome support
  • Stays cold longest


  • No Velcro


This is a premium quality ice pack for neck injuries.

It is sensational against even the most traumatic neck inflammations!

8.      Chattanooga Reusable Gel Ice Pack For Neck And Shoulder Pain

Also claiming a spot in the limelight is this Chattanooga Reusable Gel Ice Pack for neck and shoulder pain.

Made from the safe silicone gel, this happens to be one of the safest hence you can use it to treat neck problems in the whole family- again because it’s reusable.

And its innovative CoolPac design enables it to not only cure immediately but also to impressively control swelling.BEST ICE PACKS



  • Coolpac design
  • Non-toxic silica gel
  • 30 minutes service


  • Simply to apply
  • Longer soothing relief
  • Acts immediately
  • Remains pliable


  • Not the biggest


Made from the safe silicone gel, this is one of the safest reusable icepack for neck pain.

You can use it with everyone in the family & highly recommended!

9.      NatraCure Universal Cold Pack Ice Wrap For Neck and Shoulders.

Proprietary clay-cold ice packs are known to stays colder for a longer duration compared with all the competing ice wraps – majority using inferior formulations.

And that is exactly what this NatraCure Universal Cold Pack Ice Wrap does.

It will stay cold for as long as you want and chills your neck, knee, elbow, ankle, shoulder, foot and everywhere else within seconds.

Don’t forget that it’s one of the thinnest and extremely light so you will long-lasting delivered in a super-comfortable environment!Notra cure ice pack



  • Proprietary clay-cold packs
  • Thinner & lighter
  • Professional-grade clay interior


  • Greater comfort
  • Nylon strap
  • Longer-lasting cold
  • Very durable


  • Maybe snugger
  • Not the biggest


Comprising proprietary clay-cold ice packs and being thinner & lighter than the rest, this delivers longer cooling in a cozy environment.

It’s another top-notch neck cure!

10. Arctic Flex Neck Ice Pack – Cold Compress Therapy Wrap.

With a flexible contoured design, this remains flexible while in the freezer hence will lay flush against your neck delivering targeted cold therapy.

And if you have sensitive skin, you have a reason to smile Arctic Flex Neck Ice Pack is safe seeing that it’s constructed with a very soft, latex-free vinyl.

Remember it’s also generously sized and will spread its healing to all targeted corners!Neck ice packs



  • Generously sized
  • Flexible contoured design
  • Latex-free vinyl
  • Non-toxic silica gel


  • Reusable
  • Longer icing
  • Stays Flexible all through
  • Won’t leak


  • Doesn’t have lots of gel


With a contoured design, wider coverage and long-lasting icing, this is praised as one of the best targeted cold therapies for neck pain.

And it’s doesn’t disappoint.

11. Perfect Remedy Ice Packs for Injuries.

Arctic Flex Neck Ice Packs are sold in pairs so in case you need more soothing, then you will always have a spare!

Apart from being very successful against neck soreness, these reusable gel packs will never, ever leak. You will notice that gel is packed in leak-proof plastic.

And they are quite versatile. In fact, its recommended that you use them almost everywhere- your ankle, jaw, wrist, knee, shoulder, head, neck, head, elbow …the list goes onBest Ice Packs for Injuries



  • Two ice packs
  • Non-toxic gel
  • Leak-proof plastic.
  • Hot / cold therapy


  • Never leak
  • Reusable
  • Comes with a space
  • Custom fit


  • They may not get very cold


Coming in pairs, this means that you will always have a spare!

And they are versatile enough for all your sufferings…From the neck, jaw, and elbow and on

12. Koo-Care Gel Ice Pack Hot / Cold Pack For Neck And Shoulders

Koo-Care Ice Safe Gel Packs can either be frozen, heated or even microwaved to treat neck pain, strain & stiffness, muscle pains, sports injuries, body aches plus more using either cold therapy or heat.

Either way, they provide lighting fast relief and your muscles will soon start to relax.

And they are up there with the best in terms of icing duration- providing up to 30 minutes of an exemplary treat for your numb neck.Best Ice Packs



  • 2 nylon non-toxic packs
  • A matching wrap
  • Hot /cold compress


  • Twice as comfortable
  • Reusable
  • Flexible and very soft
  • Multipurpose


  • may lack custom fit


These are another set of trustworthy ice packs.

Providing both cold and heat treatment, these deliver a 5-star performance against pain!


Ice packs for neck and shoulders can help relieve pain and your discomfort whenever you hurt or injure your neck/ shoulder.

And choosing a cool pack for neck pain doesn’t have to be overwhelming provided you know that the best cooling neck wrap should be flexible and specially designed to soothe neck pain.

Things should even be easier now that we found the best ice packs for shoulders and one of the most amazing cold pack for neck pain.

So, don’t let neck/shoulder injuries switch off your groove.

After all, you deserve better.

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