Best Ice Pack After Knee Surgery For Pain Relief.

Are you trying to get the best ice pack after knee surgery to help you prevent or recover from an injury? Do not worry; you have come at the right place!

As you are already aware, the knee ice wrap popularly known as the knee ice pack was designed to offer you a cold relief from injuries.

The injuries include sports injuries, sprains, strains, soft tissue damage and post surgical recovery.

The process of finding the best ice pack after knee surgery can be overwhelming since there are many available options for you to choose among them.

We have tried to make your work easier by reviewing the top best ice packs for knees.

Buying Guide For The Best Ice Pack After Knee Surgery.

Best Ice Packs after knee surgery

There are many types of ice packs for knee surgery available in the market. When shopping for one it is important that you go for the best ice packs for knee surgery.

Below are the imperative factors you will have to consider when choosing the best ice pack after knee surgery.

  • The Type of Injury you have:

It is important that you know the type of injury you have. Every injury will have a slight difference and there are wraps that will be able to effectively cater for them.

Some will have compression options while others will not. Some will have 380-degree coverage while others will only offer front coverage.

  • Time you will be using the Wrap:

You need to determine if you will be wearing your ice wrap when mobile or not. Some ice packs for knee are not suited to the people who need to keep moving when receiving cold treatment.

  • Size:

It is important you have an idea of the right size of cold packs for knees that will suit you. It is necessary you take your time and go through the sellers sizing before purchasing. All the sizing will always be different between each of the brands of cold wraps for knees.

  • Portability:

It is important you get a lightweight cold knee wrap that will not hinder your movement. There are wraps that are less bulky and easier to handle than others.

  • Frequency of use:

In case you are planning on use your ice pack for knee replacement on a frequent basis, you will want to consider buying an extra ice park that is inserted into your wrap.

When using one pack, you can always have the other one in the freezer ready to go and simply swap them over whenever there is need.

 7 Best Ice Packs For Knees.

1.  Shock Doctor ICE Recovery Compression Knee Wrap.

The Shock Doctor ICE Recovery Compression Knee Wrap was designed for treating injuries, strains and sprains in a comforting and supporting wrap.

It has 380-degree coverage for heat or cold application and customizing fitting features.Best Ice Pack After Knee Surgery


It also helps in effective and fast relief. It has two adjustable straps and four way stretch material that makes it comfortable and relieving.

This ice wrap for knee is considered one of the best ice wrap for knee for sports players. It also comes with 3-4 gel packs that can easily be frozen or heated for use of hot and cold therapy.

This gel pack stays flexible when frozen since it does not contain any ice packs on the bottom of the foot making it possible to wear it and continue walking.

It also has a sturdy structural support that allows for better treatment of serious to minor injuries.


  • The gel packs can easily be removed and replaced into the wrap.
  • It can either be used for cold or heat therapy.
  • It can stay cold for long since there are people who have said it can remain cold for up to 1 hour.


  • It is a bit heavy to some people.
  • It contains latex that might cause reaction on some people.
  • It is not good for any person who requires foot coverage as well as ankle coverage.

2.  Polar Ice Large Knee Wrap /Cold Therapy Ice Pack / Wearable Ice Pack.

This Polar Ice Large Knee Wrap is one of the best ice pack after knee surgery for your legs currently available in the market. This wrap is known to offer great features at a relatively lower price.Ice Packs For Knee Surgery


One best feature about the best ice packs is that you cannot only wear it on your knee but you can always wear it on any part of your arms and legs.

All you have to do is apply fleece wrap to the desired area, wrap it around your limb and secure it in place using the Velcro straps.

You can always adjust the pressure in which you tighten your wrap with using the loops and hook your straps run through thereby offering some compression whenever it is needed.

This wrap is highly recommended for most of the post surgical recoveries and soft tissue damage.


  • This wrap is easy to clean since it is washable.
  • It has a soft fleece covering meant for protecting the skin.
  • It can help in controlling of swelling.
  • This wrap covers above and below the knee.


  • The ice packs in this wrap might lose cold quicker.
  • There are people who found the ice packs to be too stiff.

3.  Elasto Gel, Hot/Cold Wrap.

This Elasto Gel, Hot/Cold Wrap will help you relieve the lower back pain together with abdominal and hip pain depending on how you have worn it.It has Velcro straps that help in holding it in place hence it can always be worn under clothing.Ice Packs For Knee Surgery



  • This wrap is durable and can be used repeatedly.
  • It does not leak even when punctured.
  • It stays soft and pliable even at -20 degrees F.


  • It can cause more pain and injuries if not used correctly.
  • It can easily get out of position when moving.

4.  Elbow / Knee Brace Support with Flexible Reusable Gel Ice Pack for Hot and Cold Therapy.

This wrap around ice pack is known to be an effective all round solution for your knees and elbows.

It is known for its great mobility, support, comfort, circulation, compression and pain relief.Best Ice Pack after knee surgery


The ice pack for knee surgery has been designed as an adjustable one size fits all brace that contains opposite strap with strong Velcro closures to assist in securing and tightening it in place.

It has a front circular opening that promotes proper motion and reduces pressure on the joint/patella.


  • It is perfect for hot or cold therapy on your limbs.
  • It is useful in pain relief and recovery from ACL, tennis elbow, runner’s knee, muscle strain, surgery and tendonitis.


  • This wrap is known to contain latex that might cause reaction on some people.

5.  O2 Cold and Compression Knee Wrap.

This O2 Cold and Compression Knee Wrap is one of the best ice pack after knee surgery for athletes or individuals who are in need of general icing needs. This wrap has a higher rating and has a positive customer response rate.Ice Packs For Knee Surgery


It is designed to be used in any injury or situation with a patented design.

This best knee ice wrap also has enough support and structure to help in injuries and is also known to offer movement and flexibility meaning you can use it anywhere and anytime without any disturbance.

It is sturdy and durable hence you only need to fasten the wrap in place using its two black straps and some air using the air pump until you are satisfied with the amount of compression.


  • It has elastic straps with Velcro that ensures a secure fit.
  • It has an air pump that adds compression to the knee.
  • It has a gel cold pack that remains flexible once cooled.


  • It does not have 380-degree coverage.

6.  Ice / Heat Therapy Wrap For Left / Right Knees.

The Ice / Heat Therapy Wrap For Left / Right Knees comes together with two therapy gel packs that can either be heated or frozen in order to treat a particular injury or knee pain.

It has been specifically designed for the knee to provide therapy and support for knee injuries.Best Ice Packs For Knees


The best ice wrap for knee has been tested by therapy professionals and approved by FDA and contains no mess and no leaks.


  • It helps prevents further muscle and joint injury and inflammation.
  • It increases the recovery time of knee injuries.
  • It is important and ideal for knee strains, swelling, knee sprains, arthritis, post knee surgery therapy and more.


  • Its Velcro can easily wear off when used repeatedly.

7.  Pro-Tec Athletics Hot/Cold Wrap for Knee and Ankle.

This Pro-Tec Athletics Hot/Cold Wrap for Knee and Ankle is another awesome and versatile ice wrap. Just as the name suggests, it can be used for either cold or hot treatment.Best Ice Pack After Knee Surgery


It also has an added feature of being used not only for your knee but also for your ankles. It is a simple ice pack for the knees and very straightforward making it one of the perfect wraps for any person to use.

Once you have put it in place, you can always use the Velcro straps wrap around your knee ensuring that you will keep everything in place. It is smaller and less rigid compared to the others.

The gel ice packs for knees is recommended for general injuries, sprains and strains. In case you are recovering from a surgery or you have a more severe knee injury, you can always use the knee wrap that is known to offer great stability and structure.


  • Using this wrap is much easier.
  • It can be used both on the ankle and on the knee.
  • It has both the cold and the hot treatment options.


  • It has a little barrier between the ice pack and the skin.
  • The Velcro can easily wear when use frequently.


It is advisable that you come up with a list of things you will need to keep in mind when going through the knee ice wrap reviews to help you find the best ice pack after knee surgery.

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