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Whichever continent you are in, electricity outages and temporary disruptions of the mains are bound to happen. This therefore brings out the need for you to secure yourself from the dark with the best generator for the money.

What Is a Portable Generator?Best Generator For The Money Reviews

A portable generator is an electric generator that

can be moved from one place to another without much effort.

Portable generators are usually compact in nature, though there are some bulky generators that have wheels, which increase their portability tenfold.

Types Of Portable Generators

The generators are usually classified according to the type of engine they use. The main and most common types of portable generators are the diesel and petrol engine generators.

  • Diesel Engine Generators:

The diesel engine generators are roughly larger than the petrol engine generators.

Their engines require more space due to the method of fuel consumption, making the whole thing larger and heavier.

The diesel engine generators are however better than the petrol engines when it comes to run time.

They can hold up a steady power supply for as long as you need them to, provided fuel is be available for the engine to keep running.

  • Petrol Engine Generators:

The petrol engine generators have a better and much more powerful performance with the electricity supply.

A petrol engine generator can create a stable electric current that is way higher than the diesel engine in order for it to be used on multiple apartments or tents.

The downside for using petrol engine generators is that you have to give it some time to cool off if it has been overworked throughout the night.

The generators are therefore not suitable for use as the main source of power but rather as backups.

Buying Guide For The Best Generator For The Money.

If you want the best portable home generator that will not let you down in case you experience a really nasty blackout, then here are some few things you need to consider before you throw one into your online cart:

I. Environmental laws:

You may have heard about the CARB restrictions if you live in the US. Some states do not allow a generator that does not meet the CARB requirements to be used within their jurisdiction.

You therefore need to find a generator that is compliant with the State’s law.

It is always advisable to purchase a CARB compliant generator if you are living within the California region and surrounding areas since you never know when the need to move to California will arise.

II. The Generator’s Fuel Tank Size:

The best small generator for you to buy should have a tank that is sizeable enough to keep a stable fuel supply for a long duration if you need a home generator.

Campsites also require something that will last for long without regular checkups.

The best portable generator for home and campsites should therefore have a large tank but also have a generally small size for portability.

III. Fuel Consumption:

Everybody loves something that will not drain the life out of one’s pockets. You should therefore find a fuel saver in order for you to save some cash before the power finally comes back.

The ratio at which a certain generator can use up the fuel to the power consumption should be something reasonable and manageable.

You will otherwise have to face more costs than what you would have gotten if you would have chosen solar backups.

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IV. What Is The Engine Type?

A small home in the urban center can do with a petrol engine generator.

The petrol engine generators can produce ample power that you may be able to split amongst neighbors if you live in apartment lofts.

You can also buy the diesel engine generator for camping since it is the best camping generator that will survive a whole night without regular checkups.

Does that seem like something you can find? Well let’s see which are the best rated portable generators for home use that you can go for to ease up your purchasing task:

4 Best Portable Generator For The Money.

1. Yamaha EF2000iS Gas Powered Portable Generator

This is one of the smallest portable generators that you can find in the market.

Yamaha EF2000iS compactness enables it to be stored almost anywhere in your recreational vehicle, making it a great asset to bring with you as you go camping.Best Portable Generator For The Money CHECK CURRENT PRICE.

  • The Yamaha generator can produce up to 1600 watts in a stable pace. The highest that the generator can go however, is 2,000 watts. This happens when the load demands more than just 1600 watts at a time.
  • The muffler fitted on this generator silences the noise produced by the engine with incredible efficiency. This should therefore be of good use at home and therefore should cross your mind when choosing a generator for your home.
  • The generator is also CARB compliant. Everyone residing in California should be able to use the generator within the area without the fear of breaking the state’s laws.
  • A smart throttle that adjusts the engine’s speed is included in the generator’s system. The generator saves fuel by reducing the engine’s speed when the load is low.
  • It only weighs 44.1 pounds, which makes it highly portable and the best generator for the money.

3. Duromax XP4400E Gas Powered Portable Generator.

Here is another one of the top rated generators that you should definitely check out.

Duromax XP4400E Gas Powered Portable Generator has a startup power of 4400 watts which is accompanied by a stable 3500-watt power output.

top rated generatorsCHECK  CURRENT PRICE.

  • A 4-gallon gasoline tank is fitted onto the generator. With this capacity, the generator should be able to run for up to eight hours without any interference.
  • An electric key start is also included in the package. It helps you to start the generator without having close proximity to it; hence, it makes it the best generator for the money for people who love style and convenience.
  • This duromax generator is one of the top rated portable generators that has been approved by the EPA. Quality is therefore guaranteed once you purchase the generator.
  • When the oil level is low, the generator can switch itself off. This prevents the engine from chewing itself to nothing.
  • The generator weighs only 116 pounds. With the wheels fitted on it, this weight will feel like 50 pounds to you as you drag it through the corridor,

4. Champion Power Equipment 46539 3500W RV Ready Portable Generator.

This is the best generator for RVs.

It has a 30-amp outlet that gives out power that is great enough to power up the RV’s air conditioning rated portable generators for home use CHECK CURRENT PRICE.

  • During start up, the champion power generator can produce power of up to 4000 watts. A steady supply of 3,500 watts will afterwards be produced.
  • The generator has shown the smallest gap between the starting watts and running watts, proving that it is unlikely to toast your electronics.
  • The outlets are suitable for US based products since they are rated 120V with changes only in the current.
  • On a full tank, the generator can run for up to 12 hours, making it the best RV generator to use for the whole day.
  • A remote controller for the generator is also included in the package. You can use the RC to send signals, which command the generator to switch on.
  • This makes everything easy, as you need not leave your position to switch on the lights.
  • Even though it has all sorts of features, the Champion gas generator has managed to retain a small weight of just 140 pounds.

5. Westinghouse WH7500E Gas Powered Portable Generator

The Westinghouse portable generator is a petrol engine generator that uses gasoline as the fuel for engine.

As mentioned earlier, the petrol engine generators are perfect for homesteads and campsites since they can produce a powerful current for a longer duration.Best generator for the money CHECK CURRENT PRICE.

  • The generator has both electric and manual start functions. When you experience a blackout, the generator should automatically switch itself on. If not you can go ahead and switch it on yourself with the manual start, alleviating the need of taking it to a mechanic.
  • It is also the best quiet generator to use when you need to preserve the serenity the night has to offer. It is fitted with a Pulse-Flo muffler that silences the noise produced by the engine.
  • The control panel of the generator is also simplified. There are no complex systems and buttons to give you a hard time in determining which wire goes where, which is a common problem.
  • To make things much better for you, an LCD meter that displays the hourly usage is fitted onto the generator. This feature has given it some good ratings in the portable generator ratings.
  • The whole generator system is enclosed by an insulator. This makes it the best portable generator for the money since you may use it even in the rain without getting a shorted circuit at the terminal connections.
  • As the engine starts, you are up to 9,000 watts produced by the generator. The running power goes down to 7,500.


Now that the question on what is the best generator model for you to use is answered, you can now make a firm decision on which is the best generator for the money you are willing to spend.

Each one of the generators mentioned has proved to be the best generator for the money in its category. You should just pick out the one that is most appropriate for use in your home.

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