Best Family Tents With Screened Porch.

Have you ever gone camping as a family and you can’t have fun after hours because the kids need to sleep?

Well, if this is you, family tents with screened porch will be your solution as it has a separate space that is safe for adults to hang out and sip some wine as they catch up.

A tent with screened porch can also be used as separate sleeping space for parents or another family or you can just place your luggage and items there.

This is also where you set up chairs and a table so you can have a separate living space from the sleeping area for breakfast, games and watch the outdoors.

7 Best Cabin Tent With Porch.

1.      Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent.

If you are looking forward to having a good camping experience with family and friends then you need a perfect tent that can accommodate all of you and the Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent is one of them.

Best Family Tents With Screened Porch

This amazing tent is an 8 person tent with screened porch thus perfect for family camping and it is quite affordable.


  • The tent is made from weather –repellent polyester which is very durable and you are guaranteed that you will be able to use your tent all year long despite the weather conditions.
  • It has a full mesh roof that allows air to get in the tent and they come with double- staked power corners that enhance stability of the tent.
  • The Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent has a cool amazing screened area that functions as a sun room, picnic room or second sleeping room.
  • This 8 person tent with screened porch is polyurethane coated which means that they are water resistant from top to bottom.


  • There are complaints that after a few times of use they tend to tear and the zippers spoil.

2.      Coleman Weather Master 6-Person Screened Tent.

The Coleman Weather Master Tent is a 6 person tent with screened porch and it is of high quality.

This tent is one of the most affordable in the market and it’s separated into two rooms thus accommodating six people comfortably.

6 person tent with screened porch


  • The tent has a floorless screened room which provides extra ventilation and also acts as a perfect place for gathering.
  • It comes with shock corded fiberglass poles, two color coded poles, pole sleeves, instaclip attachments and exclusive pin- and ring design all this guarantees you of stability.
  • This cabin tent with screened porch is made with coated polyester fabric which is weather- repellent and the zippers are perfectly designed to keep you dry.
  • The Coleman Weather Master 6-Person Screened Tents has water proof floors which has been perfectly welded to eliminate needle holes.


  • It is very hard to assemble the tent alone you need an extra hand.

3.      Coleman Steel Creek 6 Person Fast Pitch Dome with Screenroom.

Coleman Steel Creek 6 Person Fast Pitch Dome is one of the biggest tents that can fit two queen sized beds comfortably and it has an attached screen room.

camping tents with screened porch

This tent has several storage pockets for your small items and the screen room has a full floor so you can use it at night as extra sleeping space.


  • Coleman Steel Creek 6 Person Fast Pitch Dome features a fast pitch system that uses pre-attached, color-coded poles and hub, snag-free Insta-clip suspension and fast fit feet so you can set up in half the time.
  • The WeatherTec system that includes tub floor with patented corner welds and protected seams ensure the inside of the tent remains dry even when it rains outside.
  • This is a very strong tent with a frame that has been tested and guaranteed to withstand 35+ MPH winds.
  • The tent is very airy and it has awnings over the windows to enhance more ventilation.
  • Once your camp is over, you can fold this tent easily and pack it in the expandable carry bag for easy carrying.

4.      Ozark Trail 12-Person Instant Cabin Tent with Screen Room.

The Ozark Trail Instant Cabin Tent is a 12 person tent with screened porch and it is very easy to set up as the poles are pre- attached to the tent so all you need to do is just unfold and extend.

12 person tent with screened porch

It is the perfect tent for large family camping with friends as it can comfortably accommodate 12 people.


  • The tent has very large windows with mesh screens which allow maximum air circulation when you are inside the tent.
  • It has a front screen room which provides additional outdoor space where you can keep your accessories that you are not using in the tent and it’s a perfect area for resting.
  • The tent can be divided into two rooms thus creating more space and also privacy for you and your family.
  • The tent comes in amazing colors to choose from and it has additional features such as electric access and a gear organizer.


  • This tent is not perfect for windy and rainy seasons as they tend to let a lot of water in.

5.   Coleman Evanston Screened Tent.

The Coleman Evanston Screened Tent is one of the best tents with porch and it is perfectly designed to accommodate 8 people at once.

It is the right tent for your family camping adventures.

cabin tent with screened porch


  • This 8 person tent with screened porch is very easy to set up and it is very spacious as it can accommodate a queen sized blowup mattress and a few chairs.
  • The tent is made from polyester which is a very good, high quality material as it can stand all types of weather conditions.
  • This amazing tent has four large windows which allow fresh air circulation and let light in the tent.
  • The tent comes in amazing color and it is lightweight thus very easy to move it from one place to the other.


  • There are complaints that the tent cannot stand heavy rains as it tends to let water in.

6.      Coleman 4-Person Evanston Tent with Screened Porch.

The Coleman Evanston Tent is a 4 person tent is very spacious thus can accommodate a small family and their pets.

This tent is very lightweight thus very easy to carry it from one place to the other and its available in orange and white.

4 room tent with screened porch


  • It is very easy to assemble as the poles perfectly fit in thus you require less than 10 minutes setting it up.
  • The tent is designed with a weatherTec system which is guaranteed to keep you dry during rainy days while camping.
  • It has strong insta- clip attachments which add rigidity and stability and the pole structures have been wind tested.
  • The tent is 10 by 10.5 by 28.5 inches which is enough space as you do not have to struggle when getting in and out of the tent.
  • It has waterproof floors so you won’t get wet even when it rains…


  • It is a little bit expensive and a little bit hard to set up alone so you need an extra hand.

Buying Guide for the Family Tents with Screened Porch.

Shopping for family tents with screened porch is one of those exciting yet confusing tasks you can do because there are so many choices.

To narrow down this number, here is what you should look for to get the best family tent with porch;

  • Tent Capacity:

You can find a tent made for two people all the way to a 4 room tent with screened porch.

Before you buy any tent with porch screen, consider the number of people you have planned to take camping and buy a tent that can accommodate them comfortably if they are not too many.

  • Tent Dimensions:

The center height of any tent can make it either comfortable or very claustrophobic.

The best cabin tent with porch should be very tall especially in the middle such that you can walk straight inside without bending no matter how tall you are.

In the same breath, a tent should be long enough so that you can sleep straight and stretch in bed.

The best 10 person tent with screened porch should be able to accommodate two or more full mattresses and chairs so the width is also very important.

  • Tent Ventilation:

Apart from center height, big windows and open doors ensure the tent is airy and well ventilated so you don’t feel suffocated.

Ensure that the windows are able to open easily and floors can be loosened to let in some air.

  • Extra Features

There are many features you will need when it comes to family tents with screened porch such as windows, storage and sand bags for stability. However, some tents come with extra features that you might take for granted such as floors inside the tent and the porch, water resistant coating and privacy enhanced by multi-room tents with porch.

  • Ease of use

Setting up traditional tent was messy and tiring so ensure you buy a tent that is easy to assemble or an inflatable one.

Today family tents with screened porch come with pre-attached color-coded poles that very easy to put together.


With one of these family tents with screened porch you can watch the stars with your loved one without getting outside the tent. It’s the best way to enjoy the outdoors with your entire family.

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