Best Digital Weighing Machine For Babies.

It is very exciting for any mother as they see their child grow. You can never hide that million-dollar joy.

That’s’ explains why you will need to have the best digital weighing machine for babies so that you can always monitor your baby’s weight as they grow.Best Digital Weighing Machine For Babies.

The baby is always weighed immediately after delivery to ensure that the normal weight for the new born has been achieved.

However, the weight will fall after some first few weeks but after that, you can always check to see how first the baby is growing.

Losing weight frequently calls for medical attention in order to avoid losing the baby since they are very delicate and need maximum care.

After spending several days researching on the digital weighing machine for babies to make the work of new moms easier I came up with the below baby weighing machines.

Buying Guide For The Best Digital Weighing Machine For Babies.

Getting the best infant scale is very easy since they are always present in most of the shops around your homes.

However, if you are interested in buying the best digital weighing machine for babies, you need to consider the factors below:

  • Safe Surface:

Ensure the weighing machine you are about to buy has a safe surface where you will place your baby. This will prevent the baby from slipping off.

  • Environment:

You need to consider the environment where you will be placing your home baby scale. Choose a machine that can withstand the harsh environment where it will be used.

  • Easy to Use:

You will require a digital weighing machine that is easy to use to enable you save lots of time when learning how to use.

  • Design:

The best baby scale should be designed in a way that it is comfortable to your baby without causing any harm or discomfort to them. You need to choose the best design for convenience.

  • Baby’s Age:

Age is important when shopping for the best digital weighing machine for babies. You need to buy a high quality machine that will withstand the weight of the baby.

  • Accuracy:

Getting the most accurate baby scale is essential since it will enable you to get the most accurate results that will enable you to track your baby’s progress.

  • Quality:

You need to consider the quality of the weighing machine before you buy it. Getting a high quality machine that can last longer will prevent you from having to buy digital weighing machine for babies after a short time.

  • Weight Capacity:

Any good weight scale should have a high weight capacity that will prevent you from altering the results.

Most Accurate Baby Scale On The Market.

1.  Health o meter Grow with Me 2-in-1 Baby to Toddler Scale.

The Health o meter Grow with Me is the most accurate baby scale you can always find. It is versatile and can always be converted from an infant to a toddler scale when the baby cannot fit into the tray.

 Best Digital Weighing Machine For Babies


This baby-weighing machine has a wide LCD display that makes it much easier for you to read the results. It also has a security lock that ensures it is stable to prevent the baby from falling off.

This device comes together with a Healthy Growth Baby book that contains charts meant to guide you to track your child’s weight, teeth, height as well as the shoe size.


  • It is cheaper making it affordable by most mothers.


  • It is smaller in size hence difficult to carry around.

2.  Beurer Digital Baby Scale.

The Beurer Digital Baby Scale is a perfect weighing scales that will assist you find it your feeding efforts on the baby are being rewarded.Best Baby Scale For Breastfeeding


This weighing machine is known to be a dependable digital weighing machine for the babies and has a curved platform to ensure that the baby is always secure and safe.

It has a large display that is easy to read and a scale showing 5g increments for the optimal accuracy.

This digital weighing machine for babies has a total weight capacity of 44 lbs and any measurements past that will biased and capable of altering the machine.

It also has a hold function that will increase its accuracy even if the baby is moving the hands or legs. Kids always love playing around.


  • Has a large display that makes reading easier.
  • It is small in size and lightweight making it portable.


  • It Does not has a carry bag hence storing it is quite difficult.

3. Ozeri Touch 440 lbs Total Body Bath Scale.

You need to consider using the Ozeri Touch 440 lbs Baby Scale if you have a playful baby and afraid of using a scale with a tray. This machine will enable you to measure several health aspects of your child in your bay scale


This baby scale for breastfeeding has an algorithm that will calculate the hydration, body fat, body mass, and muscle and weight of your child with the results being displayed on the LCD screen that is easy to read.

The infant weight scale is controlled by three sensitive buttons that are easy to use. They have an in built memory that can easily store 8 profiles making it great for family use.

Its step on surface is made of the break resistant glass that can accommodate up to 440 pounds.


  • It has a great design that is appealing to the eyes.
  • Easy to use since no set up is needed.


  • Its battery life is very short.

4.  Ultrababy Scale.

This Ultrababy  Scale has an auto off feature that regulates it functionality. Its full range tare assists in zeroing down the child’s outfit with much ease. Best Digital Weighing Machine For Babies


Its hold functions ensure that accurate results despite the baby moving their hands or legs and features a letter holder, a baby basket, a regular tray and a mail tube.

This breastfeeding scale contains all you need to keep track of your baby’s growth and developments.


  • Has a cradled weighing tray that will offer optimal comfort.
  • Has an on and off feature that is programmable to control it.


  • It is much expensive compared to other types of baby scales.

5.  AFENDO® Electronic Digital Smoothing Infant , Baby and Toddler Scale.

The AFENDO® Electronic Digital, Baby and Toddler Scale are known to be a reliable home baby scale that any mom would wish to have. It has a streamlined surface that the baby can comfortable lie in when the measurements are being taken.
Best Baby Scale For Breastfeeding


It has a hold function that will ensure you get the most accurate results despite any movement being made by the toddler. Its’ rare function helps in deducting the weight of any clothing covering the baby.

Its wide LCD screen is easy to read and displays results for you to read and monitor the progress. This infant weight scale uses CR2032 lithium battery that enables energy saving. It is a cheaper method of monitoring your kids’ growth.


  • It is known to be an accurate machine weighing scale with the hold function.
  • It is easy to read the results thanks to its large display screen.


  • Changing the settings from the ounces is confusing.

6.  HealthPro EBB-1 “Watch-Me-Grow” Digital Baby Scale with Soothing Music.

It is much easier and fun to track the growth of your child using the HealthPro Digital Baby Scale. Your baby will always enjoy some sweet music that will ensure they are kept calm on the tray.

It is not just a classy but unbeatable style.

best baby scale


The baby scale for breastfeeding will provide you will accuracy and it is capable of holding a maximum weight of 44 lbs. It has a blue backlit KCD that ensures easy reading of the results.

This machine has a peer shaped design with a padded interior for the kids comfort. Its pads are removable for easier cleaning and have a length measuring tape and a growth chart to help in monitoring the kids’ advancement.


  • It is an accurate machine with the XT1 sensors.
  • It is pear shaped hence able to keep the baby comfortable.


  • It has a rough surface that can easily irritate the skin of your baby.

7.  Smart Weigh Smart Tare Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale with Baby.

The Smart Weigh Smart Tare Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale with Baby is a baby scale that is meant for breastfeeding kids with a weight capacity of 440 lbs.

This machine has four sensors that provide the most accurate results in either lb or kg.

 Best Digital Weighing Machine For Babies


No tapping is required thanks to its step on technology. All you have to do is to place your child on the sleek platform and the results will always appear on the LCD display that is easier to read.

This weighing machine is auto shut off enabled thereby enabling you to save energy. It has a low battery indicator that will always alert you whenever battery change is needed.


  • It has a great design that is appealing to the users.
  • It is very affordable hence great for any budget sensitive mother.


  • The measurements of the body fats are not very accurate.


The process of finding the best digital weighing machine for babies can give you problems especially if you are a new mother.

However, by visiting this site and reading the best baby scale reviews, you will get it much easier in choosing the best baby scale.

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