Best Convertible Car Seats For Air Travel Review

Now you’re wondering, which is the best convertible car seats for air travel I should buy?

In this post, we’ll give you the nitty gritty about the Best Convertible Car Seats For Air Travel and also guide you in selecting the best there is in the market…

When travelling, the feeling of being safe will make the journey great. An even better feeling comes with knowing that your child is as safe as you are in the plane.

One way that you can improve your children’s safety during a flight is by buying the best convertible car seats for air travel.

What Are Car Seats For Airplane Travel?best convertible car seats for air travel

The car seats for airplane travel are seats for children that can be attached to car seats or airplane seats so that the child can sit comfortably in the vehicle.

Their difference is that they can be converted into front facing seats after the baby grows older.

The seats are made from the lightest materials possible to make them portable.

The use of metal is also discouraged as metallic objects are restricted in the airport and would otherwise be thrown into the luggage compartment with the rest of the cargo.

Why You Should You Use A Best Convertible Car Seats For Air Travel?

  • Without the car seats for airplane travel your child may have difficulty in sitting in the seat provided. Toddlers usually slide off the seat even when strapped tightly onto the convertible car seats for air travel
  • For young infants, it is impossible to sit on the seats. They have to be carried on the lap, which is not possible with air transport. You will be forced to get the lightest toddler car seat that you can find or try to make the child fit on the seat.
  • The convertible car seats can also protect your child when you are travelling. If you are travelling by car, your child will be able to survive a side bump that would have otherwise have been fatal without the convertible car seat.
  • If you are travelling by air, your child will not be spooked by the turbulences which have a common occurrence.

Now that you have had a glimpse of how important the convertible seats are, let’s see how you can identify the best car seats for airplane travel:

Buying Guide For The Best Convertible Car Seats For Air Travel.

Here are a few things that you can look at before you finally decide that you have gotten the best seat of them all:

  • Consider Portability:

The lighter the seat, the better. You will need something that you can easily carry by hand after you have landed or even before you get to the airport.

The best carseat for travel however needs to have some level of effectiveness.

If you rely on the low weight seats, you may end up with a seat that will only serve a child that has aged only a few months.

As much as you need the seat to be as light as possible, ensure that it is also durable.

  • Hypoallergenic Quality:

Even if your child shows no allergic reactions to anything, it is better to purchase something that has no allergenic properties.

The best carseat for airplane travel for babies is therefore something that has never had any allergen history.

Knowing whether your child is allergic to a certain allergen can be an impossible task, especially if your infant is still too young.

For this reason, you should always purchase the convertible car seats that have no trace of allergens.

  • Check the Car Seat Comfort:

Be it an adult or a small child, comfort is the top priority when you are choosing any item.

The best travel car seat for babies therefore should be as comfortable as possible.

You will otherwise have to put up with all the crying and yelling associated with discomfort and is the most probable thing that will happen when the baby is left with much discomfort to deal with.

  •  What is the Safety levels?

You should go for the types of car seats that have undergone heavy safety tests to prove their capability to keep the baby safe from harm’s way.

The types of tests done on a particular item is usually indicated on the package or on the manufacturer’s site.

You should consider checking the standards passed before making the purchase since some of the seats have not been tested.

  • Usability of the Air Travel Carseat:

A convertible car seat should be compatible with almost all the seats found in public transportation vehicles like the cars and airplanes.

The top rated convertible car seat companies have produced the seats that can be fitted on almost all the seats hence it will not be difficult to get one.

Let’s now see which ones of the seats sitting on the shelves are the best convertible car seats for you to go for:

Lets save you the migraine. Here is our list of top recommended

1. Safety 1st Complete Air 65 Protect Convertible Car Seat.

The safety 1st air protect convertible car seat is a fabulous car seat that you should be able to use over a long period of convertible car seats for air travel


  • The convertible car seat can support about 5-40 pounds as a rear facing seat and 22-65 pounds when converted to a front facing car seat. This ensures that the seat will be usable until the baby is old enough to sit in an ordinary car seat.
  • An air protection system is included to the seat. The system protects the child from side impacts when you are in a car and also keeps the baby intact after a turbulence in a plane.
  • The safety 1st air convertible car seat is also the best lightweight convertible car seat to go for when you need a car seat that offers the most convenience. It has a Quickfit harness system that allows you to adjust the harness’ height without having to uninstall the seat first, making the whole process faster.
  • The head rest can also be adjusted to five different positions. This gives your child more options for the most comfortable angles.
  • The seat also weighs just 17 pounds, making it highly portable and convenient for air travel.

2.Evenflo Tribute Sport Convertible Car Seat.

The evenflo tribute sport convertible car seat is also one of the best convertible car seats for you to try outbest convertible car seats for air travel


  • It comes in a compact size that makes it the best car seat for flying since you will not have to put up with much weight and baggage while travelling.
  • Due to its small size, the convertible car seat weighs around 13 pounds. This makes it highly portable and great for use within the airport.
  • The side impact protection system has been tested to surpass the standards set by the standardization bureaus. You can therefore be assured of the highest quality protection for your child.
  • The Evenflo convertible car seat is crash tested to test its structural integrity and has aced the test with astounding results.
  • The seat can support a maximum of 40 pounds. A full grown toddler should be able to use the seat without issues concerning the weight limit.

3.Graco Contender 65 Convertible Car Seat, Glacier.

The graco contender convertible car seat is one of the most beautifully designed seats that you need to have with you in every car seat toddler


  • It is one of the best convertible car seats for air travel that can support up to 65 pounds. As a rear facing seat, it can n support weights of up to 40 pounds from a minimum of 5 pounds. The front facing seat can hold 20-60 pounds without problems.
  • The harness’ height can be adjusted with ease thanks to the simply safe adjust harness system. This saves you lots of time, especially when you are in a rush to the airport.
  • The Graco contender car seat is the best car seat for traveling on an airplane due to its low weight and high portability. The car seat weighs only a 15 pounds, making it suitable for all genders to carry around.
  • You should also get to enjoy the great feeling security has to offer. The seat is crash tested to prove just how much force it will take to make the seat to crumble.
  • The seat can carry a minimum of 5 pounds and a maximum of 65 pounds. It gives you a chance to use it as long as you need it.

4.Cosco Comfy Convertible Car Seat, Heather Granite.

Here is another one of the best convertible car seats that you should consider having a look at.folding car seat


  • The cosco lightweight travel car seat has the most comfortable material covering its exterior. This makes the baby enjoy the whole trip with comfort and not the endless agony experienced in public transportation.
  • The rear facing seat can hold 5-40 pounds at a time. The front facing convertible car seat can carry up to 50 pounds however.
  • A luxurious seat padding is also done on the seat so that the baby will enjoy every mile passed.
  • Safety tests have been done on the convertible car seat to ascertain that the convertible car seat is sturdy enough to keep the baby safe.
  • The car seat is also highly durable; you can use it for years and years without it ever getting worn out, saving you lots of cash that you would have used to buy another one.
  • The Cosco comfy convertible car seat is made from the finest and weightless materials there is. This has made it to weigh as low as 11 pounds.


This is the lowest weight so far and this therefore makes it one of the best convertible car seats for air travel that you can get off the market.

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