Best Board Games For 10 Year Old Boy.

Are you looking for the best board games for 10 year old boy? There are varieties of the kids board games out there and it can get overwhelming  to settle for the best.

Well, You need not to worry; we are here to help you get the best kids board game for your 10 year old boy.

There are many reasons why you need to get your child to start playing the fun board games for kids. First, forget about the risk and monopoly, the kid board games will enable you to spend quality, uninterrupted and intentional time with your children.

The best board games for 10 year old boy will allow your kids to learn how to take turns and be blissful winners and graceful losers.

By playing together with your child, you offer them time to demonstrate how to be good at sport.

Buying Guide For The Best Board Games For 10 Year Old Boy.

Best Kids Games

You need to consider many factors whenever you are buying the best board game for 10 year old kids. Below are some of the important factors that you will have to consider whenever you are shopping for the best Board Games For 10 Year Old Boy.

  • Age of the Child:

One of the first things you need to consider before purchasing the popular board games for kids is the age range. Some of the best games for kids are preferred for the younger players while the teens and the adults can play others.

  • The Number of players:

The best board games for families are made of either two or more players. They are therefore suitable for families of all sizes.

However, some best board games require a minimum of three players to take part while others call for teams. The board games will always state the number of players needed.

  • The Right Skills:

All the Board Games For 10 Year Old Boy will always require some kind of skill. Even the board games that reply on chance usually have elements that can easily be influenced by the players’ abilities.

When shopping for the best board games for 9 year olds to 10 years, it is appropriate that you try settling on the board game that your child can play.

  • Time:

It is important to consider the duration of a game when shopping for the classic board games for kids. Kids are always known to have a shorter attention spans compared to other individuals. Getting the quick board games are preferable.

  • Interests:

It is important to ensure the educational board games you purchase are interesting to the kids. For example the kids who enjoy trivia will not prefer word games while the kids with active imaginations will prefer fantasy over facts.

 Best Board Games For Kids.

1.  Hasbro Pie Face Fun Board Games For Kids.

The Hasbro Pie Face Game is the best board games for kids if they love suspense. Suspense is there in plenty.Best Board Games For Kids


This game can simply be described as a family game since any person above five years old is able to enjoy the board games for kids. These fun board games for kids have managed to make great strides since it was first launched.

You will never get a chance to know when your face will be full of whipped cream as a player. Both the adults and the kids will always find the Hasbro Pie incredible that can last for as long as they are able to.


  • The Hasbro Pie  presents an all inclusive family fun time for the starters.
  • It can always be played by both the kids and parents hence parents can always join and play together with their kids.
  • It is relatively an inexpensive game since it does not require recurrent expenses such as buying software and batteries to keep it running.
  • Using the game is quite simple since both the kids and parents have easy instructions to follow.


  • It might be a bit challenging for the handicapped children since the game requires the players to use both hands.

2.  Melissa & Doug Suspend Family Game (31 pcs)

The Melissa & Doug Suspend Family Game (31 pcs) refers to a balancing game that is easy to understand though a bit difficult to master.Board Games For 10 Year Old Boy


These board games for 10 year old boy comes together with rubber tipped and 24 notched wire pieces hanging from the tabletop.


  • Setting the game is simple since it does not require any tools.
  • The game is simple to understand thanks to the simple instructions.
  • The Melissa & Doug  helps develop cognitive skill and hand eye coordination.
  • It is exciting to play the game as a group.


  • It is not durable enough due to the light materials used in creating it.

3.  Hasbro Connect 4 Kids Board Games.

The launchers of the Hasbro Connect 4 game have managed to modify the four in a row fun by making it possible for the opponents to fling their checkers onto the board.Best Board Games For Kids



  • Its simple design ensures it is simple and fast to set up.
  • Kids are able to get playing quickly while learning the strategies of winning thanks to its simple and clear rules.


  • Previous customers have complained for finding some pieces missing when buy it. It is therefore important to take an inventory of all the parts to ensure everything is present.
  • Its grid stands  might not be durable

4.  Mouse Trap Children’s Board Games.

The Mouse Trap Game involves 2-4 players against each other. The mice try to build the Rube Goldberg inspired mousetrap when they try to move the mice across the board.Fun Board Games For Kids


The players also try to collect the cheese cards that will enable them to move other mice to the cheese wheel that is there bait trap.

After the construction of the mice trap is complete, the players will then attempt to capture each others mice by turning the crank.

In case the mousetrap malfunctions, the mouse will be captured. The person will be the last mouse that avoids being captured.

Pros :

  • Easy to understand due to the simple instructions it comes with.
  • It encourages the kids to think fast hence improving their thinking capacity

Cons :

  • Last for long time hence, the kids can easily get bored.

5.  Spin Master Games, Disney HedBanz 2nd Edition Board Game.

The players in the Spin Master Games try to guess the character of Disney there are wearing in their headband. Each of the participants has a set of four clue cards.Board Games For 10 Year Old Boy


You can ask another player ‘’what am I?” or “What am I not?” The other player will then try to give you clue cards from their hands that is similar to what you requested, like “Wears a hat” or “Is a princess”. You can then collect the clue cards to figure out what your character is.


  • The board games for 6 year olds to 10 years is an easy and out of the box play.
  • Your kids are assured nonstop fun with their favorite Disney characters.
  • There are Mickey Mouse ears on each of the headband something that pleases the kids.


  • Its complex nature is very challenging for the kids.

6.  Peaceable Kingdom Race to the Treasure.

The Peaceable Kingdom Race to the Treasure refers to a cooperative game. The players taking part try to beat the ogre to the treasure by coming up with a maze type path from the beginning to the end.Best Board Games For Kids


However, the path must be constructed together and three keys much be collected. If they manage, it before the ogre sets in, they will.


  • It is simple and easy to understand since the instructions are printed inside the box lid.
  • The pieces of the game can be placed back in the included envelope therefore; you do not have to lose pieces.


  • The duration of the game is long hence most kids get bored along the way.

7.  Battleship Board Games For Kids

The Battleship Game is known to be simple fun board games for 10 year olds though you will have to guide the young players for the first few days.Board Games For 10 Year Old BoyCLICK TO CHECK IT ON AMAZON

The ships in the game come in different sizes from two square tugs to the giant five square destroyers. Each of the players will take time to set up the ships in their respective starting points of their own preference.

However, when using the computer versions, you will have to program the ships position into the computer before you start playing.

Each of the players will then take turns announcing a square that are identified by number and letter.


  • The game is simple and easy to play hence any person on appropriate age can enjoy it.
  • It has subtle strategies of placing your ships and how you will call the shots.
  • Its cases appear durable thanks to the quality materials used.
  • The pegs will always fit properly into the holes and you will never experience any issue with removing or placing them.


  • It is easier to cheap or to see your opponents’ ships hence you will always have to keep an eye on the children playing to ensure no one is helping the players.
  • The numbers and letters are difficult to read since they are of the same color as the board.



The best Board Games For 10 Year Old Boy are a classic method for the family and kids to enjoy their time together.

Coming together around the table with a favorite game will provide you with a great entertainment that will encourage teamwork and teaches good sportsmanship.

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