Best Baby Walkers That Roll On Carpet.

The most amazing thing for parent is to watch their child grow and learn. Parents can’t wait to see their babies make their first step. Baby walkers that roll on carpet are exciting and fun for parents and babies.

Sometimes as a parent, you need a place to place your baby when you cannot focus on him/her for some moment or when you can’t keep on holding him/her.

During the course of the day such situations rises naturally and it’s therefore important to choose a safe place for your baby to play.

For a carpeted floor you need a baby walker good on carpet to facilitate your baby movement.

What is a Baby Walker?

Baby Walker For Carpet

A baby walker is a device designed to give mobility to babies who cannot walk on their own moving from one place to another, it helps your baby learn how to walk, give independence and entertain your baby.

Benefits Of  Baby Walkers That Roll On Carpet.

  • Keeps Your Baby Occupied:

Best baby walker typically feature an assortment of engaging gadgets and toys to be used by the baby as he/she sits in it making your baby feel excited, happy, be occupied and have fun

  • Build Strength:

Regular use of carpet walker help build up your baby’s legs muscles to slowly learn to withstand their body weight.

  • Makes The Baby More Adventurous:

The baby is exposed to new sounds, sights, smells and textures as he explores the house.

These stimuli help in brain development and the frequent leg movements helps them to be able to walk on their own later on.

  • Promotes Independence:

Baby walkers that roll on carpet makes your baby be in a position to roam around from one corner to another making them feel having a great sense of independence.

This helps a lot when it comes to asserting themselves and development.

Features To Consider While Buying The Best Walker For Carpet.

  • Wheels Movement:

It is very important to look for a baby walker for carpet floor that has wheels which moves around easily, more so if your house is carpeted.

Always look for wheels that can turn and roll very fast, this will make your baby feel very excited and being able to move freely around wanting to explore to everything around them, finding a baby walker that roll on carpet easily helps your baby arrive to their destination without trouble.

  • Safety Features:

While mobility and fun are the main goal of baby walker, as a parent you still want to be assured of the safety of your baby.

Some walkers have locks that locks the wheels when you want your baby to stay still and still enjoy their playtime, others comes with padding along the sides to curb accidents as accidents obviously do happen.

This prevents your baby from bumping into walls and furniture, hence proving extra cushion. Always make sure your baby walker for carpet is fitted with buckle device to buckle your baby all time.

  • Toys And Entertainment Gargets:

Best baby walkers for carpet mostly comes fitted with spinners, lots of little rattles and bright colorful toys keeping your baby amused.

Some of the toys are fully detachable and movable giving your baby lots of options when it comes to creativity and play.

  • Activity Tray:

A tray to keep snacks and jingle toys is as well essential as it gives you options to keep your baby occupied while trying to reach for their toys and snacks, this helps them to use their fingers to grasp items and assert some independence.

1.  Joovy Spoon Baby Walker.

Joovy spoon baby walker is a product of Joovy Family Gear Company, a company with a long term reputation on manufacturing effective, practical and safe baby walkers and toys. It’s a seated baby walker with a U-shape or round shape. Baby Walker For Carpet



  • Allows babies to both stand and sit
  • Has a supportive washable seat pad
  • Large tray where toys and food can be kept
  • Strongly constructed for baby safety
  • The tray and washable seat pad are removable differentiating this baby walker from others.
  • Comes in different features and colors
  • The design is simple
  • Stable and strong
  • Functions smoothly on carpets
  • Relatively expensive, but considering performance to price its worth


  • After washing the seat cushion, it’s hard to set it up properly
  • Wheels are somehow stiff turning out to be hard for a baby at times more so at first

2.   Fisher Price Bright Beginnings Activity Baby Walker For Carpets.

Joovy spoon baby walker is manufactured by Kids’ toys and fun games manufacturers. The company is well known for kids’ toys that are safe, fun and eco-friendly. Baby Walkers That Roll On Carpet



  • Good for carpet
  • Easy to carry and can be folded
  • Found all over the world including UK and USA
  • Obtainable in different colors
  • Has flipping doors, snipping panels, sliding beads and balls that helps in improving fine motor skills due to various activities
  • Not so expensive
  • Good for toddlers
  • Steering helping the child move the walker
  • Colorful and many activities helping the child learn while playing


  • Light in weight
  • Can get tipped over something

3.  Vtech Sit-To-Stand Learning Walker.

Manufactured by Vtech Kids Company that mainly produces fun games and electronic toys for kids.Best Baby Walker


  • Has piano keys that produces different sounds
  • Can be laid flat on the floor that allows babies play with their toys
  • Has built in toys that include various things which helps in improved motor skills of the baby
  • Wheel locking system that locks the wheel need arises, safeguarding the baby
  • Wheels do not move very fast
  • Performs very good on the carpet
  • Strong to carry more weight


  • The back wheel is not far enough making the baby face trouble to walk behind at times, hence walking sideways

4.  Playskool Step Start Walk’n Ride.

Manufactured by Hasbro Company, playskool step start walk’n ride is a perfect and very friendly baby walker that helps your baby take their first step.Baby Walkers That Roll On Carpet



  • Performs excellently on carpet
  • No batteries required
  • Affordable as it’s not very expensive
  • Sturdy construction
  • Can be assembled easily
  • Long term usability
  • Best for kids of 9 months to 3 years
  • Assists babies stand and walk swiftly and easily
  • Good for both pre toddlers and toddlers
  • Has a place for keeping toys


  • Wheels runs so fast and can cause accidents
  • Unsuitable storage for keeping big toys
  • The baby walker has no handle attached to it so cannot be pushed by parents if they need to
  • It’s a child propelled rider solely

5.  Chicco Dance Walker Activity Center.

It’s a nylon baby walker that converts from a walker to a stationary center. It has mp3 hook-up for tunes as the baby moves and its padded seat can be removed for machine wash. Baby Walkers That Roll On Carpet



  • Better rolling performance hence one of the best walker for carpet
  • The design is eye-catching, attractive, smoothly and colorful. Has 3 color options
  • It has study center and musical department
  • Good for traveling or home storage as it folds and fold flat
  • Great even to the shorter babies
  • Moves all round, 360 degrees
  • Can play music from your mobile phone or mp3 as it has mp3 hookup
  • Jumper guards around the corners protecting wall surfaces
  • 3 height adjustment settings


  • The baby walker is good on carpet but not impeccable for shaggy carpet
  • Not good fit for bigger children as the seat size is small

6.  Melissa & Doug Deluxe Chomp and Clack Alligator Wooden Push Toy and Activity Walker.

Mellissa & Doug is one of the most popular toy producers in the world. Its toys have been featured widely in popular media, garnering dozens of awards. This wooden walker comes with lots of engaging activities for babies on the move, making some funny noise as the baby pushes.



  • Its design encourages movement and discovery, teaching motor skills and basic cause and effect
  • Dependable and durable handcrafted construction, hand sanded from hardwood
  • Eco-friendly as its made from nontoxic paints and dyes
  • Wide and weighty enough giving your baby the support needed to take first step fearlessly
  • The raised handle bar can easily be grasped by tiny hands
  • Easy to assemble
  • The walker promotes balance, agility and exercise
  • The alligators’ animation and noises encourages movement and gross motor skills development
  • The baby learns to walk with animals


  • The three cut outs in which alligators move are a little rough on the edge


Baby walkers can be dangerous at time as they give babies extra height, extra speed and access to many hazards leading to injuries and accidents that are caused by falls.

It is therefore very important for you to consider one of the baby walkers that roll on carpet to avoid unnecessary accidents and injuries to your little baby.

It’s a tough game bringing the best walker for carpet for your baby that can fulfil your every dream, be safe enough, lead to no accidents and still bring the exciting, learning and funs that comes along with it.

You need to consider on the major factors that best fit for a baby walkers that roll on carpet rather than just checking on the general features of a baby walker. Considerations such as having wheels, performing excellently on carpet among other features.

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