Best Baby Dolls That Can Go In Water – Best Bath Doll.

Having the best baby dolls that can go in water for your baby is like a melody during bath time!

Every mother is well aware that not every child is fond of the bath time or swimming unless they have some good incentive of doing so…

This is why having the best bath dolls that can go in the tub will go a long way to reduce the struggle and at the same time bring fun during the bath time or swimming time….

Instead of focusing on bathing or water, the child will focus on playing with the baby doll and washing it hence no struggle or fit.

We have researched and reviewed the best baby dolls that can go in water that look and feel real in terms of softness to help you make the best choice.

The Best Bath Time Dolls on The Market Today.

1.  Little Mommy Bubbly Bathtime Doll.

The Little Mommy Bubbly Bathtime Doll is beautiful and will always give your kid the best bathing time experience that is full of fun.

This little mommy bubbly bathtime doll is submersible in water thereby making it convenient for your child.

Best Baby Dolls That Can Go In Water

This baby dolls that can go in water comes together with a beautiful bird-shaped pouring cup and a pink tub that will accommodate the doll thereby making it easier for your girl to play and clean the doll.


  • It consists of a birth themed bath towel for drying the doll and a foam dispenser with soap for washing the doll.
  • This little mommy bath baby doll color transformation sport go from clean to dirty and back again depending on the temperature of the water hence your kid will know when the doll is clean.


  • The doll is quickly filled with water through the drainage hole at the back hence you need to frequently drain the water.

2.  JC Toys La Newborn Realistic Baby Doll Bathtub Gift Set.

The JC Toys La Newborn Realistic Baby Doll is an adorable bathtime baby doll that is great for bath time since it is made from the smooth and soft non-scented vinyl that is water friendly and washable.

 Best Baby Doll For Bathtub

This amazing water baby doll is hand designed and sculpted by specialists hence its quality level is beyond any doll you have ever come across.


  • This baby doll comes with a small yet beautiful gift meant for your kid that includes a hooded bath towel for drying the doll and a beautiful floating rubber ducky.
  • It also has a comb that allows your child gloom it and a removable diaper giving the child a chance to have a mommy feeling.
  • This doll has been wonderfully crafted since it has joint shoulders, neck, and hips making it easy to dress since the body parts can rotate.


  • This bathtub is a little bit smaller hence; there is a lot of water spillage.


The LA NEWBORN 8 Piece Deluxe is considered one of the best dolls your kid can always have since it comes with a little treasure that is worth the money.Bath Time Doll

This bathtub baby doll has a beautiful pink baby doll bathtub and a short-sleeved body suit that is amazing.

This doll is smooth and soft making it good for your baby girl. It is just 14 inches long


  • This baby doll for bath has a gift set with a beautiful baby bottle, a removable diaper and a bath towel for drying the doll.
  • This doll is washable since it is made from vinyl and has a jointed hip and neck that makes it easy for your girl to clean and cloth.


  • It is made from the same material as the head hence making it hard for cuddles.

4.  JC Toys Lots to Lots to Love Baby Doll Real Working Bathtub.

This JC Toys Lots to Lots to Love is an adorable baby doll that can go in water giving your child the Disney fun experience since it has a great bathtub that has a detachable waterproof module playing great sounds and music.

It also has a detachable shower that allows water to spray.

Best Baby Dolls That Can Go In Water


  • Baby dolls can always get into the water and have jointed shoulders, hip, and neck that can easily rotate making it much easier for your baby to clean and bath it.
  • This gift set has great bath toys that include a bath shirt, a soft towel for drying the doll and a removable soft diaper.
  • It also has soap, soap dish, shampoo bottle and a beautiful bathrobe that ensures your baby enjoys every bath time with her doll.


  • Previous users of this bathtub doll have complained that the shower does not work properly.

5.  Corolle Mon Premier Bebe Bath Girl Doll.

This Corolle Mon Premier Bebe is a great bath time baby doll with a soft sweet and big, beautiful looking blue eyes that close whenever she goes to sleep.

Best Baby Doll For Bathtub

The doll is made from the vanilla-scented vinyl and its body is filled with polystyrene beads that make it float easily on water.

This baby born bath time doll was designed for babies who love to cuddle and nurture since they have a soft and natural hair that is easy to gloom and clean.


  • This doll is lightweight and wears on trend clothes that have the Velcro closures making them easy to cloth.
  • This doll can always be air dried by just hanging it from the tab on the back of its neck.
  • It has an adorable yellow rubber duck bath toy for playing when bathing.


  • It tends to have molds growing after some few days that are hard to clean.

6.  Adora BathTime Owl 13″ Girl Washable Play Doll.

The Adora BathTime Owl 13″ Girl Washable Play Doll is a well-detailed and designed baby doll that your child will cherish. It is made from the soft vinyl material that is machine washable and great for bathtubs.

Bath Time Doll


  • It comes with its own cool owl themed bathrobe and beautiful embroidered washable clothes that are unique.
  • It has breathtaking brown eyes and amazing light skin tone that is the perfect blend of sweetness.


  • The Adora doll has reddish skin colors like a bad spray tan its hair does not look brown.

7.  Corolle Mon Premier Bebe Bath Raspberry Doll.

The Mon Premier Bebe Bath Raspberry Doll from the Carolle Company is a perfect sized doll for your child. It is durable and a favorite playmate in and out of the tub.

Best Baby Dolls That Can Go In Water

This baby doll bathtub is lightweight hence easy for your child to carry and soft making it great for the newborn.

This amazing Baby Born Bath Time Doll has a smooth scented skin that produces sweet smell whenever it is being washed.


  • This baby doll for bath comes with a red colored duck that is a good bath time display toy.
  • Its clothes are well fitting and awesome.
  • It is easy to wash this baby doll since it is made from the soft vinyl and easy to dry.


  • There have been complains that this doll is flimsy hence it cannot sit down on its own.

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Buying Guide For The Best Baby Dolls That Can Go In Water.

It is clear that the best Bath Time Dolls that can get into the water are those that are flexible, soft and easy to dry. However, there are many types of baby dolls in the market making it frustrating for one to shop for the best.

Below are factors you need to consider when buying the best baby dolls that can go in water in the market.

  • Durability:

The bath doll toys are never the cheapest baby toys in the world. You will, therefore, need something that your child will be able to stay with for a very long time.

Check on the material used since it will determine the durability and how it is affected by the hot water as well as how the stitching has been done.

  • Maintenance:

It is important to buy the water baby dolls that are easy to maintain so that they can go for a long time without building the mold, being torn or smelling bad.

Ensure you choose a bath time doll that is machine washable and easy to dry with or without the sun.

  • Little surprises:

The water babies doll that can change colors whenever they are dipped in water or when they are clean is greater for kids who never enjoy the water. Little surprises such as music, colors, and others will always keep your child mesmerized that will make them not know they are even bathing.

  • Budget:

Though most of the baby dolls that go into the water are costly, you do not have to spend a fortune to buy one. Perform an in-depth research and read reviews before you decide the best baby doll that is within your budget.

  • Accessories:

Though the baby dolls are good for bath time, having accessories to take care of the doll can be more fun for your baby since it enhances their caring instincts that keep them busy. Such accessories include feeding items, clothes, towel, costumes, and comb.


Getting the best baby dolls that can go in water is the first step to ensuring your kids start enjoying bath time and swimming. It is important that you educate your kids on how to use and treat the dolls as well as how to dry them.

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