Best All In One Printer For Students.

Any college student will always consider buying the best all in one printer for students when shopping for college.

Though it might not be completely necessary since most colleges do offer printing services in their computer labs, the best all in one printer for students will ensure they have their own flexibility and are able to print their own assignments on the go.

The technology market is flooded with all brands of printers for college students. This has made it extremely difficult for the students to determine the best top rated all in one printer.

Best Student Printers Buying Guide For The Best All In One Printer For Students.

With the number of printer brands increasing in the market every now and then, it is important for you to know what to look for when shopping for the best all in one printer for students.

Here are the imperative factors you need to consider whenever you are buying the best printers for university students.

  • Footprint:

The college dorms are known for their small dimensions. It is therefore important that you get the best all in one photo printer that can easily fit into the dorm rooms.

  • Cost:

College students do not have wads of cash to spend in buying printers. It is therefore important to consider the cost of the best all in one printer for students before you purchase one.

  • Cost per Page:

The cost of operation for example in replacing the ink cartridges will be more important than the initial cost of the printer.

You need to get the best all in one printer for students that has a low operation cost that you can easily maintain in a long-term basis.

  • Connectivity:

It is always a great advantage for one to be able to connect their printer through Wi-Fi. However, you need to ensure that you always have Wi-Fi in your dorm.

It will be convenient enough if you have the Smartphone enabled printers.

  • Quality of the Print outs:

The quality of the print outs is important especially if you will be printing lots of photos or colour graphics. Ensure you settle on printers that will provide you with the highest quality of printouts.

Best Printer For College Students.

1.  Canon Office and Business MX922 All-in-one Printer.

The Canon Office and Business MX922 is an ink jet all in one printer that can easily print, scan, fax and copy.

This printer with cheapest ink is best designed for college students, midsized businesses who usually handle high print volumes.


One of the greatest features of this best college printer is its ability to automatically print on both pages. This feature is known as duplex and helps in saving money on paper. It is also environmentally friendly.


  • It consists of all the features you could be interested in from a printer including the automatic duplex and ADF.
  • It is not that expensive hence can easily be afforded by the college students who are always low on budget.



  • The Canon Office is designed for consumer level use hence; the heavy printing businesses cannot use it.
  • It produces loud noise when printing.
  • The print speed is quite slow hence tends to take more time when printing large number of papers.

2.   HP Envy 4520 Wireless All-in-One Photo Printer with Mobile Printing.

The HP Envy 4520 Wireless is one of the latest printers to be released by the HP. It is considered one of the printers with cheap ink that are affordable and easy to install and setup.Best All In One Printer For Students


The HP Envy 4520 is similar to other best printer for students that come together with their propriety ink saving technology. This model is also known to use the latest cartridges that are capable of printing two times more pages before they are refilled.

It is usually recommended for photo printing and it supports different formats and works well with mobile devices.


  • It allows automatic two side printing hence saving you on paper and helps in conserving resources.
  • It has an auto deploying output tray that helps in keeping your pages from falling on the floor.
  • You can always connect your tablet or Smartphone directly to the HP Envy 4520 for easy wireless printing without having access to a network.

3.  HP OfficeJet 3833 All-in-One Printer.

The HP OfficeJet 3833 All-in-One Printer is considered to be among the best cheap printer for college students. It is always packed with functionality and does not have a hefty price tag. Best Cheap Printer


You can easily fulfil your objectives without breaking a sweat by purchasing this particular model.


  • It can easily manage printing tasks and scan on the go with the free mobile application.
  • You can always scan, fax,and copy multiple documents using the 35-page automatic document feeder.
  • It is small hence can easily fit in nearly any space and works quietly in the background.
  • You can always connect your tablet or Smartphone directly to the Printer and wireless print without having to access the network.


  • It has three-color cartridges that are not the most efficient to use. You will have to change the entire cartridge in case you run out of one colour.
  • This college printer does not support duplex printing hence wastes papers.

4.  Brother HL-L2340DW Compact Laser Printer.

The Laser Printer is a small printer that is meant for personal home office use. It is the best printer for college due to its low price and shareable feature.


In case you are shopping for a small printer that is able to print at high speed and has appear handling feature for the basic printing needs, the Brother HL-L2340DW Compact Laser college dorm printer should be your best option.

This best printer with cheap ink comes together with extra features such as mobile printing and Wi-Fi direct.

Compared to other budget printers, this best all in one printer for students comes with a few rough edges though it delivers when it matters most.


  • It is easy to install and use the printer for college students who are not tech survey.
  • It will always print clear black and white pages up to 2400 by 600 dpi resolution.
  • In case you are a college student on a tight budget, the printer will be okay with you.
  • It has double printing feature hence you can always get assignments quickly completed.
  • You only have to replace one toner unit instead of the entire cartridge as it is with the best all in one inkjet printer.
  • It is small size and quiet operation makes it suitable for dorm use.


  • It can easily go into deep sleep mode and will not wake up until you turn it off and on again especially when you are using the wireless connection.
  • It is difficult to set up the printer since you will be at times forced to switch it off and on at times in order to get it working.
  • It does not remember the Wi-Fi in case of a power outage. You will always be forced to reconfigure the Wi-Fi.

5.  HP Office Jet 4650 Wireless All-in-One Photo Printer.

The HP Office Jet 4650 is considered to be one of the best printers for college students that offer affordable entry-level inkjet.


It is the best Hp all in one printer with workplace features such as an automatic document feeder, a built in faxing and a duplexer for making two sided prints.

The recommended print for this printer for college students is 100 to 400 prints making it the best wireless all in one printer that is suited for students and small offices.


  • You can subscribe to the HP instant Ink Program that lowers its printing costs.
  • It has fast print times for text documents hence saving the students time.
  • It has high quality print and high quality scan.


  • It has a very slow copying and graphics printing speed.
  • The cost per page compared to other types of inkjets is relatively high hence, not all students can use it.

6.  Canon Pixma MG5620 Wireless All-in-one Inkjet.

The Canon Pixma MG5620 Wireless All-in-one Inkjet comes together with a dedicated photo black cartridge that will assist in reaction of accurate and dark areas in the photos.


This premium feature makes the best printer for college student available in the market.


  • The printer comes together with a bundle of software for both the Windows and the Mac users that includes the Image Garden that assists you in organizing, scanning and output your photos.
  • It has an easy –photo Print ex that enables you to create disc labels, photo albums, calendars and much more.
  • It offers you solid black and white speeds with a blazing fast photo output.


  • The ink cartridges of this printer will always leak during the installation process.
  • It has a small capacity paper tray hence not able to handle large number of papers at a go

7.  Epson Workforce WF-3620 Wi-Fi Direct All-in-One Colour Inkjet Printer.

The Epson Workforce WF-3620 Printer refers to an all in one inkjet printer that is capable of scanning and can copy functions. It also has an automatic document feeder, built in faxing and has both Wi-Fi and internet networking.


The printer works well with Mac OS and Windows. The capacity of the Epson Workforce WF-3620 paper tray is 250 sheets, which is a good size.

It can easily take in up to 25-basis weight and is slightly heavier than the common office bond but less than what many printers can accept.


  • It has simple to understand instructions that makes it easy to use.
  • It has a compact design and small in size to easily fit in the college student’s room.
  • It does not cost much to get a new one hence college-going students can afford.


  • It uses low quality materials hence can easily break.
  • The papers can jam very easily hence wastes lots of time clearing the jammed papers.
  • It produces low quality images that are not very clear



The review of the best all in one printer for students will help you in getting a good printer for college students that suits your budget and requirements.

Ensure you go through the pros and cons before settling on the best printers for college students.


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